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Getting Back Into 531 from Long Surgery Layoff

Hi Jim, I am finally able to start 531 after a bout of shoulder issues and 3 surgeries. It’s been 3 years since being on 531. For the past year + I have been doing high rep stuff at the suggestion of my PT and they said I’d probably be good to give 531 a go at this point.

Bench press work still pisses it off bad (bar/DB/swiss all cause issues). Push-ups are totally fine so I have been doing band push ups. Overhead is totally fine if I dont over do it.

Do you have a suggestion of which template would be best to work back in with and if it will need a tweak?

I own the books so I’ll be able to look any up.

Thanks for any suggestions

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5/3/1 beach body could work. There is no bench pressing so you could run it as is.

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5Pros with FSL

Do what doesn’t hurt. For me it was ring press for chest and scrape rows for shoulder.

Band pull aparts

Keep accessories for getting better.

PR are useless, just get better.

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You can probably follow the same protocol from week 7 onwards:

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Thanks for the replies everyone. 5’s PRO sounds like the way to go.

I recommend you do any program that you want to do (and what your body can do) - the key is using the correct TM.

All of our injured kids do the same program as the others, we just adjust the TM and make sure the assistance work is properly loaded also. There isn’t a secret to this stuff - just be smart and be patient.

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AS some who’s come back from shoulder surgery last January – I can understand wanting to get this right.
But honestly – it’s like the man says. Start low, add slow.
But there is hope. I took and extended time off after my operation. Jan to June. I done all my rehab and prehab. Now I’m gaining strength in the joint every month. And can see a time when I’m benching towards 200kg.
Two things I found (that may or may not affect you).
Dips kill my shoulder. More than bench. If I bench I’m okay so long as I keep my form tight. If I dip (especially weighted) I get pain for 1-2weeks. So I’ve had to drop them. Which is a shame as I loved weighted dips. It’s a great move and looks bad ass.
Volume over weight. This is the opposite of what I like for squat and dead lift. I like 3-5 reps. But for bench and press I don’t like to go under 6-8. I find this is where I start getting the aches. Which is 5/3/1 works. I adjusted the tm to 85% and it worked a treat.

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Funny, total opposite for me. Dips made everything better and bench still causes me pain. I just don’t flat barbell bench anymore.

You’re lucky. I’d rather dip than bench. But I’m screwed. I feel a heavy dip session for 10-14 days.

Go to rehab and make that your 5/3/1, do what they tell you, religiously.
Start light, lighter than JW preaches, get the ROM and form back first, weight and strength will come.
I had left knee meniscus surgery Sept 29th, was squatting >300# for 5+ prior, I hit 224# for 12 this week. Be patient, it will come back.

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Thanks Jim. I’ll have decided on BBB with no PR sets on main lift, using around 80% of an already conservative TM and work from there.

Thanks for the info. Yeah I plan on talking it slow. I was doing a program where I would do 50 reps, once I hit 50 in a row I could add weight. Lonnnnggg process but kept my from being stupid.

Thanks for the reply. Have been on rehab for over a year, probably close to two. I had 3 surgeries on this, it was tore when I was a kid so the tissue was super bad. ROM is perfect thankfully but it still gets pissy.