Getting Back In to Supplements

The way I see it, supplements are like cell phones and women; alwasy changing to keep you interested.

Over the last 6 months I stopped taking all suppliemtns with the exception of my protien shakes and in the process I managed to lose some motivation, screw off on my diet, and drop about 18 lbs. - 12 of which is muscle.

I am not interested in illegal steroids - check that, I am interested, but not willing due to the fact that I am a recovering drug addict and don’t want to mess with my head or sobriety date.

What I want is a stack that will give me an edge. Something that I can start that will give me some noticable results that I can build on.

Any advice is appreciated.

Male - 31
175 lbs
5’ 11"
3 day split
3 day cardio

My goal is to be 185 @ 8%

Id take a look at a solid diet including peri workout then Look at Alpha Male, and creatine


check out animal stack 2. it has worked for me.

be wary of creatine. you’ll put on weight but it’ll be water.

eat a lot, consume lots of protien, work hard and be patient.

[quote]Phill wrote:
Id take a look at a solid diet including peri workout then Look at Alpha Male, and creatine


Right now I am getting on top of my diet.
Going slightly above maintenance.
Work out is steady, and heavy.
Just looking for somthing more

You’re going to want to be very careful, if you’re in recovery. Some legal stimulant products out there get you seriously tweaked (ahem, Spike Shooter,) which may very well pose a threat to relapse.

I am in recovery, as well (4 years, 3 months, knock on wood) and I get seriously moody and I lose my mental clarity and will power with some of the stuff out there…I’m starting to realize the danger of this.

Protein, creatine, fish oil, Power Drive, Glucosamine/MSM and ZMA are safe bets off the top of my head, regarding 12-step program safety and bang for your buck.