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Getting Back In the Groove

Hey guys.
I’m new to the awesome site but not new to fitness.
I’m 22 about 5’8/5’9 and my weight has shifted alot between 146 all the way to 156 in the past couple of years. I used to live in VA and working out was easy since the Gold’s was right down the street and the weather was always nice. I was in really good shape then(2 years ago).

I moved to Chicago to finish college and i’m having a lot of issues trying to stick with the workout. Living in the dorm is hard when you want to cook your own meals and blend those shakes. Also the weather in Chicago is horrible, you either freeze or you melt. I also hurt my knee joint and I couldn’t even go up the stairs without feeling the horrible pain for a while.

There is a gym at my college, its not the best but I know I could get back into shape. I have tried cytogainer/muscle milk mixed with (ripped fuel) (rev xp) (red line) (thermapro)at different times.

I want to start again but I’m not motivated the way I was before. Thinking that i’mgonna have to walk to the gym every morning for 4 months starting december in below freezing temperatures makes me lose that motivation. The reason I haven’t worked out is because I know when the weather comes, I wont stick with it.

I need help guys. Muscle is fading away slowly and flab is appearing on the lower abs.

Whats your take on cytogainer and muscle milk?

redline syrup or HOT-ROX?

make your self a goal like a certain amount of mass you want to add or a certain amount of wight you want to squat or bench if thats not enough motivation I dont know what is and if its real cold at least you wont go to the gym half asleep just make sure you get warmed up before you start lifting

Whats your take on cytogainer and muscle milk?

redline syrup or HOT-ROX?

I know that first you bulk and then you shredd. Is there a way to mix the two so you don’t have the bloated belly or the insane abs?

Not really.
If your calories are above maintenance, you will gain weight.
If your calories are below maintenance, you will lose weight.