Getting Back in Shape

Waist stayed 32-32,5 Chest 47 → 44,5 Arms 17 → 15 Shoulders 51 something → 49 Legs 28 → 25 Neck 18 → 16,5 Glutes 45 → 42

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wouldn’t his claimed stats put him somewhere near Thibs size? [/quote]

I have no idea. But Thib isnt 1 in a million or anything so I dont see why it’s relevant or even noteworthy. [/quote]

It’s noteworthy because if that’s the case and his body was that good, he obviously knows his shit so why ask about of douche bags like us?

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My build was nowhere near thibaudeaus, i have a weird frame(i always chased my lower body with my upper, i was only doing some maintenance squats at the time because of it, you can check my earlier posts i always had to diet with nolvadex to get the lower body to a lesser percentage otherwise its really a battle) i look bulky and kind of squarish i am 182 cm and thibs is 5-6 procent when he takes pictures so no. My body fat was always measured with ratios,
and i know when my lower abs get to show definition i must be nearing 10%.

It is possible people to lose it all, really poor protein intake less than a 100g too many carbs
with high glycemic index and pork, plus cigarettes and diminished insulin sensitiviy that comes with it, storing too much fat in obliques because of it, the smoker syndrom of not having breakfest in the morning so cortisol and lower abdomen fat here i come,
( for the guy that thinks weed is good for bodybuilding, i would only agree if its used rarely just for an appetite boost or for a glycogen refill)

Took measures today ill post in before now order: waist stayed 82-83ish, chest from 119-113, arms from 42.5ish to
38.5, shoulders i dont remember the measure before but ill say it was about 130 something now its 125cm,
legs from 71 cm to 63cm!! Neck from 46 to 42, glutes from 115 to 107.

I did some bodyweight exercises today i managed to do 17 pull ups, 30 dips and 30 clapping push ups.
Ill do that the first week to get my body back into a training mood.

Dont know how has the training philosophy evolved but i designed this program and nutrition for myself(correct- add suggestions please).
Nutrition first(ill try to lose body fat), ill lower my carbs first week to 20g
Breakfest:Chicken breast or liver 250 grams, slice of cornbread some green vegies, some nuts and fish oil(ill get some b vitamin complex that includes b3 niacin to get my cholesterol down)
Snack: 20g proteing scoop-shake, with cinnamon(natural insulin sensitivity improver)
Lunch: 250grams chicken liver or breast or lamb,some veggies and some cottage cheese
Dinner: 2 scoops of protein cottage cheese some nuts fish oil and vitamins.

This would put me at about 250g protein 1600-700kcal 15 g carb and 65g balanced fat(15-20% of saturated
monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat) ill later try to morph my diet into a ketogenic one

Training:(ill do cardio exercises for the first week and check my lifts for the 2nd as i do bodyweight exercises to get back in the mood)
Mon: 30 meter sprints, or moderate to high intensity 400m runs in 2-3 sets and ill increase the number of sets gradually with time
Tue: Upper body: 1st-core exercises 7x3 reps at 85-90% of my max i will vary from deadlift to bench press as first but will do both
2-secondary 5x3 of weighted dips and barbell rows
3-dumbbell rows 3x3, dumbbell flies 3x3
Try to keep my workouts to 45 min
Thur: Squat 10x3 90% of max, Clean and jerk front squat combos(lesser weight more reps on the squatting), some walking lunges with dumbbells and ill call it a day(ill do more work on my legs since i want less muscle in them to get a better frame after im done dieting)
Sat:Kickboxing, ill start with 2 rounds of 2 mins shadowboxing or sparring with my ex training buddies or hitting the bag, ill increase rounds as my conditioning gets better(high intensity)
Sun:Upper body: shoulders and trapezius muscles-
1st: Clean and Jerk 7x3 up to 90% percent max, Rear military press 5x3, upright rows 5x3. rear delt flies 3x3 and dumbbell upright rows 3x3

The training is based on my earlier knowledge to do less reps more strength kind of workouts
to give your evolutionary instinct a reminder that it will be crushed if it tries to burn muscles for energy
Did the preaching around here about training change? If it did change, correct me or add suggestions to my woerkout and diet. Will i overtrain from this, and can i have your opinions on coffee and diet drinks?
Is caffeine ultimately bad or good while dieting, cause i’ve heard a lot of two sided stories from its good
for the insulin sensitivity 45 mins after ingestion to after the comedown cortisol spikes and inhibitory sort of action on LH FSH production. [/quote]

Can somebody give me a break down of this post ^

And convert the kg’s into pounds, CM’s into inches.


no they cant

So now we know OP is just under 6 feet tall. And again, to refresh everyone’s memory, he claims he hit 235 lbs at 11% BF.

OP, here’s a crazy idea: DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID BEFORE that got you to that kind of shape, because 235 lbs and 11% BF on a 6 foot tall person is fuckin’ jacked, no ifs ands or buts about it.

I stand by my original post.