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Getting Back After Surgery


Hey everyone,

A few years ago, I was a tiny little wurm of 138lbs. Then I discovered the work out life and got to 224 lbs in almost 2 years. I've had some downs with a surgery and I lost a lot of weight. Therefore I'm only 188lbs at the moment. I'm just starting to train again, so I'm careful. Therefore the weights I'll be doing for legs (surgery was around my ab area) will be extremely low comparing to my upper body stats. My main goal from this split is to get that back even again, so the total balance of my body will be restored.

Therefore I have made a training program which I'm going use for the next 10-12 weeks, or untill I don't book any progress anymore. I have chosen for a split. The target is 6-8 reps (functional hypertrophy), 90-120s rest, 3 sets per exercise and will use the straight set structure. So in total I will have 18 sets and do about 108 to 144 reps, in 1 training.

I hope you guys will comment on the work out schedule I made, if you have some good tips. I would really appreciate it.

The split is like this:

Day 1: Chest/Back
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Shoulders/Arms
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Quads/Hams
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Rest

See below for the exercises:

Day 1 Chest/Back:
1)Decline Barbel Benchpress
2)Lat pully's
3)Incline Dumbell Press
4)Seated Cable Rows
5)Pec Deck Machine

Day 3:
1)Military press
2)Lateral Raise
3)Face pulls

4)Standing Hammer Curls (last set 3 second descents)
5)Seated Preacher EZ-bar Curls (last set 3 second descents)
- facia stretch biceps
6)Rope Extensions
7)Dips (last set with negatives)
- facia stretch

Day 5 Quads/Hams + abdominal area:
3)Leg Press
4)Leg Curls
5)Leg extensions
7)Russian twists

Since I'm doing the antogonistic training, I used to have biceps/triceps and ant delts/rear delts on two different days. But this would be a bodypart frequency of once per week (directly). Since it was better to try to do it 1-2 a week, I've combined the biceps/triceps day with the ant delts/rear delts day.

My current stats atm are:
Height: 6ft 2.5 inches
Weight: 188lbs

BP: 180lbs
SQ: 100lbs (note: due to surgery I had)
DL: 140lbs (note: due to surgery I had)
MP: 100lbs

I'm going to do this program for 10-12 weeks, or longer if I keep making progress. My goal for this period of time is like this:
- 188lbs weight --> 200lbs

Strength stats:
BP: 185lbs --> 200lbs
SQ: 100lbs --> 132lbs
DL: 140lbs --> 176lbs
MP: 100lbs --> 120lbs

I'm looking forward to GET BIGGER AND STRONGER, and I hope this log will contribute to even more dedication towards reaching my goals!

Grts from Amsterdammed