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Getting Back After a Layoff. Help Me Out


Hello all.

Im just getting back into the swing of things after taking some time out of the gym. prior to my layoff i was using a self modified west-side routine. but now that ive been off for almost 2 yrs i dont think i can jump right back into that style. i want to get my strength and form back before i start using bands and chains etc and doing specific lifts for lockouts and bottom positions and such. can anyone help me out? ive been doing a push, pull, legs routine for a couple weeks now and it seems to be going well. does anyone have a good routine or ideas as to how i can transition back into a powerlifting routine? keep in mind i lift alone now.

thanks in advance.


I have not done these in along time, however I find they do not take too much (bands/chains etc..) into a modified PL routine.



nice. i forgot all about that one. thank you. ill get started on this program next week!