Getting Back After 18 Mo. Layoff

Hey guys, I need some advice.

I used to be very into weightlifting. I trained hard for over 5 years, put on a lot of muscle, educated myself by reading everything from T-Nation to medical textbooks, and was known to all and sundry as “the guy who lifts weights”. However, 18 months ago I was bedridden for a month with a viral infection, and since then have suffered continued post-viral complications which have kept me out of the gym and living an essentially sedentary life. Which, as you can imagine, sucks.

However, recently I’ve decided I’m ready to regain my fitness. Whilst I’ve kept a surprising amount of the muscle I put on in my weightlifting days, I’ve put on 20lbs fat and have disgustingly poor cardiovascular fitness.

Which is why I’m here: I want you guys to give me some suggestions as to the most effective ways to lose the fat and regain my fitness. And before you say “Hit the gym and do compound lifts”, unfortunately I have no gym access for the next 3 months: I’m graduating university at the end of the year and will be relocating cities to start my career and thus just don’t have the cash for a gym membership until that happens. So I need suggestions that rely on bodyweight exercises, cardio, etc.

Hopefully I’ve given you enough info to start giving me your advice. Any questions, just ask.

For upper body the bread and butter of the routine will be push-ups and pull-ups, gradually work up to harder variations, you can go to a park on do things on a monkey bar…For lower body and conditionning sprints and hill sprints will be a good choice along with one leg squat, natural glute ham raises. If you can make yourself a sled that will be great too. Check out Ross Enamait site for good ideas and challenges.

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great link, cheers