Getting Around Sides of Adderal

I’ve lost a few pounds the past 2 weeks and i’m suprised i haven’t lost anymore then that. This adderal takes my appetite away and i can be super hungry but nothin looks good to me but i only feel like this after school. I still force myself to eat no matter what, but at lunch, i’m not hungry at all and i have to force feed myself.

Now its not the force feeding i don’t like, i can get over that, but you can only force feed yourself so much food at one time if your not hungry. I mean is there anyway to get over the fact that i’m not hungry besides stopping the adderal all together.

I’m seriously eatting all i can eat but its not cutting it, i eat till i feel like i’ll puke. I resorted to eatting mcdonalds today just for the calories. I know its not healthy, but it has the shit i’m lacking, calories. Its the worst feelin in the world to see the scale say 146 when i weighed almost 153 like 2 weeks ago.

I take it 4 days a week, so friday, saturday and sunday are crazy. I can’t believe at how much i consume. But its still not enough to keep my weight up.

You might be taking too much. When I first started taking it my doctor had me taking 3 times what I take now. Also if you were to take it everyday your appetite would gradually increase over time as your body got used to it. Then of course if you go off it you will eat a ton.

so there really isn’t anyway to get over it except wait and let my body get used to it?

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k-man, dont know your age , but when i took Ritalin i had the same effects …the only thing that helped me was 420 before meals, dont recommend it , but just a thought !

I find that my appetite follows something like an inverted U curve with my hunger/ability to eat obviously low right after eating, increasing to a maximum around 3 hours and then falling off after that. In my experience the appetite suppressing effects are worst when the stimulants are acting on an empty stomach.

The other bit of advice I have is to find foods that are more caloricly dense. If you put a little work into it, you can make some very calorie/macronurient rich meals that don’t make you feel like you’re stuffing down an all you can eat buffet.