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Getting Annual Physical...What Blood Tests?


last year when I had my physical done, I didn't specifically demand E-2 tests and some others I had previously and my damn GP I guess didn't "get" that I wanted to track those numbers as I had specifically requested those totals the year before. I figure this is the one chance per year I can run all the tests I want related to my health and the insurance company picks up the whole tab for the physical. Last time I got only the total T number and nothing else which only showed slight improvement over the previous years numbers.

I've recently assumed responsibility for my own injections and upped the dosing from 150mg EOW to 50mg sub cutaneous every 4th day. I have nothing to control E-2 levels currently prescribed.

What tests are essential for managing my TRT and overall well being?


There is a sticky located in this forum which should answer all your questions and advise which tests you should get done.


Labs to be done when on TRT
-FT or bio-T
-Implications of injections VS transdermals [and injection frequency]
-Prolactin [optional and almost never on-going]
-DHT [should be checked, but perhaps not on-going]
-LH/FSH [optional and one last time -do I have cancer?]
-DRE: the dreaded digital rectal exam [Your doc does not enjoy this either!]