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Getting an Olympic Lifting Coach


So I went to my gym today and saw a group of teens being coached by an olympic lifting coach. I actually went to him and asked if he knew Coach Poliquin (he kinda looked like him actually) and said yes and assumed he read Poliquin's stuff. So he asked if I was interested in joining, I asked if they compete and he said some of the guys were champions in their weight classes.

So he said, If I was interested, the session costs $40, 2 times a week. Now, he said, its the off season and they're actually trying to go back to basics and trying to progress to the actual lifts since some of the guys are begginers and for now, the sessions cost $15.

So I'm thinking of joining since I kinda like the idea of doing OLY. My question is, for anyone who was coached for olympic lifts or an actual coach, is $40/session twice a week reasonable? Too much? or actually a bargain?


Well I had the luck of not having to pay for a coach, so can’t help you much with how much coaches actually cost generally. Only thing I have to say is two times a week is definitely not enough if you are going to compete (at least, semi-seriously).


I think it depends a lot. Here in the states, a lot of coaches don’t charge anything at all, but I know some places charge quite a bit. My coach charges $20 a month, but the facility is at least partially funded by the USOC.

Is the price $40 a week, or month? $40 a week sounds pretty steep, especially for only 2 sessions/week.