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Getting An Aromatase inhibitor Prescription in Canada


Hi everyone;

After a ton of research (including some great information posted in this forum) I was successful in getting a prescription for AndroGel from my physician to treat my low testosterone.

In addition to low Test I also suffer from high estrogens, particularly estradiol (E2). My doc was willing to consider a low dose prescription for Anastrozole but after checking with a pharmacy he told me that he was not able to write a prescription because it's indicated only for women with breast cancer.

Has anyone else run into this problem? I don't know if this is a limitation specific to Canada or perhaps British Columbia but I'm not sure how to work around it. I'd really like to have a real prescription so my insurance will cover the cost.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Where you at?? My Doc wrote scripe Insurance didn't cover it but I could still buy it myself. 4 1mg pills cost me 57 dollars but then the guy found discount card for all 90 67 dollars pumped as hell when he said that shittttt!!!!!! I take .5 every other day bye the way it is Walgreens in Tennessee..


Do you have more details on this discount card? And so I am clear, you got 90 adex pills for 67 bucks? That is an insane deal...please pass along info

Sorry for the hijack OP--I can't help you...not familiar with Canadian health care system...if you live near the border, I would suggest going to Walgreens!


It is an "off-label use" to prescribe it to men--meaning the drug has not passed FDA trials and been expressly approved for said condition--but docs in the U.S. write "off-label" prescriptions pretty routinely. There's nothing at all barring them from doing so. My anastrozole is covered by insurance.

I don't know if this is the case in Canada, but I would be very surprised if Canadian docs cannot write off-label prescriptions. It sounds like your doc is hesitant to write it because he's perhaps not familiar with this use of the drug. It might help your case to look up some studies documenting the use by men as part of TRT, to let him know that lots of men are on the stuff and it works great for the vast majority of them.

Hope this helps.


I know it's 4 months after you posted this but just wondering on an update.

Also, have you looked into getting AI in liquid form via a Chem research company?

Google arr research chemicals.


Sorry for taking to long to update guys--

After talking to my doctor I called my pharmacy myself and asked about writing a prescription for "off-label" use. Pharmacist told me that they will generally fill any prescription written by a doctor and if one causes concern they will contact the doctor before filling it.

I relayed this info to my doctor and had my prescription the next day.

Had a bit of a battle with the insurance company as they did not want to cover the drug. My cost was roughly $190 for 30x 1mg tabs. Got my doctor to write a note explaining why I needed it and insurance covered it.


Good shit...if you cant get insurance to bite the bullet, there are research sites online that offer good alternatives, but the best are indian pharmacies which will basically ship that shit to you for dirt cheap (pennies on the dollar) and it is legitimately pharm grade (as much as you can expect from india)...my aromasin from there seems to do just fine


I live in the Lower Mainland in BC and am having the exact same issue. If you are anywhere close to me could you PM your Doctors info. I developed gyno from Androgel (TRT) and my Dr wrote me a RX for a SERM (off label) but won't do it for long term use of an AI. Thank man!