Getting Adderall

So how hard is it to get a legitimate prescription for adderall?? I don’t think I have any kind of ADD at all, but the extra focus would be nice for schoolwork.

If the prescription’s a bitch does anybody know a good place to get it online or otherwise?

how old are you


Threads like this crack me up because I’ve got like 120 days worth of Concerta (prescription strength adderall, basically) in my room right now.

Was taking it for a while, then a combination of deciding to wean myself off medications entirely and needing to keep up the appearance of taking the pills (HIGHLY controlled, so if I suddenly only got one prescription in two months my doctor would have had some choice words for me) resulted in me having like a 4-month supply.

As someone who was, for the last bit of elementary, middle, and a little bit of high school, dependent on medication for focusing on almost anything let me offer you some advice: figure out now what helps you focus naturally. It will carry over into other things in life, and by using adderall whenever you need to focus you’re just gonna screw yourself over later in life when you don’t have access to them.

It’s not a coincidence that when I learned how to naturally focus myself (and I assure you that I was starting from a much worse position than you are) I also got much better at martial arts and intramural sports.