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Getting Acne from Whey Protein


ok i've got this problem. i've tried universal's super why pro which is lactose free but once i started taking it the acne came back. then i tried HDT's 5+1 whey protein wich is also lactose free but the problem remained. i'm guessing it might be the artificial flavours..? maybe some of you have experienced this or have any suggestions? should i just stick to my bcaa2000? but i guess it's not enough as i'm trying to build up some mass.


splenda which is the artificial sweetner does not give people acne, milk products can though..

do you normally have acne and it just seems worse? or did you go from clear to total acne


yea i have some acne, but when i drink a protein shake it gets worse


You could visit a dermatologist and just have a prescription written for an antibiotic which reduces acne, if you don't want to lose on the benefits of whey...doxycycline works very well...the only hazards I've seen from it are increased susceptibility to sunburn (shouldn't be a problem in New York, least of all in autumn/upcoming winter,) and given that it's an antibiotic, you may have fewer stomach bacteria as a result, which basically means up your Vitamin K intake (more broccoli.)


my acne gets pretty bad, ive also got this shitty norwegian skin that doesnt help, i stopped drinking milk for about 3 weeks and my acne went away, kept with it and then after a month it came back again, i do a low sugar diet besides fruit sugars. but i have never herd of whey protien effecting acne, it would be nice to see supporting experiments that prove this. not that its going to stop me from taking protien, hell id chew rocks if it got me bigger. XD