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Getting AAS In The States?

i have exhausted almost every source i have and have had no luck. how do you all get your aas’s? no looking for supplier’s name although it would be helpful, but just a general idea of where to look. they were so abundant 5-6yrs ago but anytime i ask anyone at home now they have no idea on where to look.


Let me give you a few hints:

  1. “La cucaracha, la cucaracha…Buenos dias amigos!”

  2. “Moo, Moo” conversion

  3. Refer to image below


All old suppliers fell victim to circumstance and are now sky-writing above an enormous, proverbial orange-like Earth in the sky burning whatever remaining long ester to keep the engines running. But I could be wrong…

Maybe it’s just the ever-increasing probability of eventually getting busted.

Prime example, I’m also completely out of resources right now. My own old supplier had to shut down operations after both his shipper and chemist were probed by the feds.

well i know the problems with distributing it in the US, such a hassle, it would be nice if someone even knew of a reliable overseas supplier. I have tried one or two here or there and only one ever worked, but they only currently sell anti-estrogen’s and clen.

Have you tried ivitamins.org

It’s hard to find a reliable source, but once you do enough research, you’ll find one. And I don’t think anyone is going to give up thier source that easy. Perhaps read some testimonials on some sites, and some forums have sponcers, those are also preety reliable. I would’nt trust any site taht claims to a “online pharmacy.” Instead look for suppliers.

This is not a source board, you 3 post wonders knock that shit off here, go away…

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You’re right on the money.