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Getting a Woody

Great forum here–what do you guys recommend for getting firm erections and increasing sexual desire?

Jessica Alba. Oh yeah…she’s a hottie. Otherwise, an issue of Gallery and some baby oil works well.

Joe, I find that Tribex works real well for this. Try 8 capsules divided into 2 doses and you will notice a party going on in your pants. Using Androsol at the same time as Tribex usually increases the affect.


Joe, I have the opposite problem. Yeah, I think I have to thank Tribex for that! I can say this: even after ejaculation I don’t lose the woodie! I can just keep going. You think my girlfriend would be thrilled about this … but the second round turns into a marathon. Get some tribex. But be aware that every time you look at a hot ass you’ll have trouble walking straight.

I would suggest a good looking naked woman.

I just did a 3 week Androsol cycle; during the last week I was so horny I could barely walk. My wife was wondering what the heck was going on.

Eat Iron and Viagra. Once you get a woody your body will begin to spin around and point to the north.

Yeah I gotta go with Naturalman… but preferably have her rubbing against you!