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Getting a Tattoo

I never thought I would say this but I am thinking about getting my first tattoo. It would be my 2 kid’s initials on my upper arm. I would like it all black with some type of design to it. I started doing some searching on the web and havent really found anything yet. Does anybody out in T-Nation have something similiar?


Go to a parlor in your area and talk with one of the artists. Any one worth hiring should be able to make up something that you would like.

I have a tribal Dragon(on the side bi, tri area) and my grandmother’s family name (on the back behind the dragon) all in black. Next I’ll probably get the family kamon and my kids names.

I don’t, however, I met a guy at my gym once who had a great tattoo on each shoulder dedicated to his kids. When each was born, he the footprints taken at the hospital tattooed on his shoulder with their names and birthdates. I don’t know why, but that just struck me as really cool.

Read this before you decide:

In every tattoo thread there’s always one or two anti-tattoo people chiming in.

[quote]Dash_Riprock wrote:
Read this before you decide:

A book review disparaging a cultural history of tattooing? Her examination is superficial because tattooing is “the art form of the cultural vandal” as “there is very little more appalling than great skill in the service of bad taste and barbarism.”

I think he got a little too close to the ‘Life at the bottom’ and has made his own superficial judgment against anyone who has a tattoo “that by permanently disfiguring themselves they are somehow declaring their independence or expressing their individuality.”

[quote]StevenF wrote:
In every tattoo thread there’s always one or two anti-tattoo people chiming in. [/quote]

So, now that we have one of them, I guess I’ll be the other.

Tattoos, blah!