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Getting a Strongman Tire


I'm having a hell of a time trying to locate a large junk tire. I'm looking for something (hopefully) free and atleast over 200lbs. I have called all tire places locally and have only found as big as semi truck tires.
1. What vehicles do these strongman sized tires belong to? So i know what kind of tire to ask for.
2. Where would you recommend that i look to find them?
I live in the chicago land area and i'm certainly willing to travel to get one.

I can dl over 400 and clean (w/newbie form) over 220. What 'weight' tire should i be aiming to get?



I actually just got a 23.5-25 L3 from my Uncle that suppose to weight 520lbs. It is heavy.

He got it at his work, that had a loader which needed a replacement. Find a place that sells them and see if they have junk ones. There has to be a dealer.

Maybe call some places that have big equipment and ask if they have a junk tire or where they get replacements from.


Yeah, just a tractor tire, or some big equipment tire. I found mine in a pile of junk on the side of the road a couple weeks ago, my buddy and I just picked it up and loaded it on top of the truck and drove it home, looked up on the internet it weighs 330 brand new, so probably right around 300. Good luck with finding one!


Tractor or earth mover tires. Find out the size you need so you can actually know a little what you are talking about when you call around.

For your strength you'll probably want a 23.5-25 size. Make sure it's not radial otherwise it will be much heavier. Some of the tire places actually have those little machines that take the tires out and weigh them at the same time.


Just from experience a 200-300lb tire is not going to be worthwhile for you unless you have really terrible form. My roommate deadlifts less than you do and he was flipping a 700 pounder 3-4 times in a row.

The minimum weight I would get would be 500.

If you have a phonebook look and see if there's a General Tire. It is a chain that deals in industrial tires. If not, open the yellowpages to tires and start calling around. Even if the place you call doesn't have what you want, they might know who does. Also stop by almost any construction site and ask the foreman where they get tires for the heavier equipment. The type of tire you want would be from an earthmover, a crane, a very large bulldozer... something of that nature. You're better off asking for weights than certain types of tires-- most knowledgable salesmen know the basic weight of tires so if you say "over 500lbs" and they don't have anything like that it will save you time.


Another route you could take if you reach a dead end is call or email Bridgestone or Goodyear customer service and ask for a retailer for earthmover tires in your area.

Also, if you get a tire and you do not know the weight, you often can write down the model number on the tire and send them and email-- they are typically glad to tell you the weight.


There is plenty you can do with a lighter tire. On smaller tractor tires try to get them airborne and to flip. I got plenty of work a few years back while coaching football players during tire flipping sessions. We had all kinds of sizes, but I gurantee if you went all out trying to flip the smaller tires and doing some creative thinking of drills in an interval fashion, you would get tons of work. Our tire sessions left everyone sore from calves, hips, forearms, glutes, traps you name it, and many were throwing around alot more weight in PRs than you (not a knock, just saying just because you deadlift ## means you need a 500lb tire to get work in).

If anyone knows a place in DC let me know though, because Ive moved since my last tire flipping days and am looking for some more!


thanks for all the pointers guys, i appreciate the input


go to goodyear.com or firestone.com and you can find a list of dealers for large equipment tires in your area.

Call them and I'm sure you will find some place who will give you a large used tire. I mean if they don't give it to you they would just have to pay for disposal which isnt cheap for 400-600lbs of tire


what would be the best method of transporting such a big tire (other than have them dropped off}. RIT jared, how'd you wind up with a huge tire in your back yard?


My uncle brought it over in his pickup, it fits nicely. They used a fork lift at his work to load it and I flipped it off the back.

I have not had a lot of time to play with it yet. I've tried a few times and the most I can get is about 3 flips before I am spent. It is very heavy and the method of flipping is tricky.


I got mine from a farm. They left it on the side of the road with FREE painted on it. I just loaded it into a trailor and pulled it back.

You live in IL. There's got to be a farm around you somewhere, or just drive up by me.


They'll put it in your (or a buddy's) truck with a forklift at the tire place. Then when you get to your house just stand it up and roll it off the back hopefully clearing away any valuables or small children before you do so.


Let me know where/how you find one as I am in Chicago as well and interested in getting a tire. Might want to post over at the anvil as well since that is a strongamn training board.