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Getting a Six Pack


Ok well i jsut started my diet yesterday and Quitting smoking and its going pretty well. I eat 6 or 7 meals a day around 300 calories. IM taking about 50 mg's of ephedra a day. I work in an office so i dont do much during the day except eat and drink coffee. I ingest under a hundred grams of carbs mostly oatmeal and wholegrains a day and not much fat mostly protein. I dont know the exact numbers. MY total calorie in take is around 1800.

I take 10 grams of fish oil a day. i take novladex to becuase i got off a cycle of m1t. i take 20mg's a day. I do full body workouts every other day with around 30 minuites of swiming and so walking on the other days. I've read that walking in the morning before eating is a good way to lose weight so i think im going to start doing that with in a few day.

MY weight is 206. Im 6'1"Im not sure what my body fat is somewhere around 14. I wanna lose at least fiffteen pounds. Is there anything i can do to promote more weight lose while preserving my LBM. AM i eating enough? Am i eating to much? IS there any supplements that would help? does CLA work i keep reading conflicting things about it? THanks, jay P.S. IF you need more info about what im doing workouts, exact diet etc. PM me.


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Lift heavy. There you go. Work compound movements and restrict time of rest between sets. That will tell your body to keep what you got.


unless your 150 pounds thats not enough Kcals. Post your stats so we can give you some real suggestions.


Tank's got it as far as preserving muscle goes...if you don't use it, you'll lose it.

Otherwise, I'd say you're a little low on calories. When I started dieting I was around your weight but higher body fat, and ~2000 kcal worked for me. The exact amount fluctuated around that because I was doing a carb cycling program. I'm an endomorph though, so if you tend to have decent metabolism you'll need more calories. Also, since you have more lean mass than I did, you'll need more calories.

So I'd say start with around 2500 kcal and see what happens. If you want to stay low-carb, add some more protein and healthy fats (which will really rack up the kcals fast).

If you want something more specific, there are tons of great plans on this site.


Thanks everybody I was accutally EAting around 2100 i forgot to add a meal. I'm going to Eat around 2600. that sounds like a good number and I'll see where that goes. I always lift heavy with compound movements.

What is everyones favorite compound movements? BEcause i need ideas to switch up my workouts there getting stale.


what does 'restrict rest time between sets' mean? and after you explain what you mean, why are you recommending this?


He means rest for shorter time periods between sets say 30 seconds instead of 90 for example


Just do some squats


That's the funniest thing I've read on here in a while.


Yeah i do squats i meant other compound movements something different not the same old thing.


Power clean
Power snatch
Clean and jerk
Snatch grip deadlift
Front squat
Clean pulls
Snatch Pulls
Romanian deadlift
Good morning
Strict overhead press
Push press
Power jerk
Behind-the-neck jerk
Overhead squat




6pack = proper diet + low bodyfat/cardio + NOT 3000 situps a day, rather situps with a plate behind your head or at the least, if youre a pussy, incline situps


That is the point of the post. I havent done a situp in like 10 years. that is for people that listen to what tv tells them.