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Getting a Script


Going to get a physical and some blood work done. Is the pure deciding factor on TRT up to how the test levels come back on blood work? If they do come back normal, is there a way to approach my doc so that she will agree to write a script?

I've spoken with her before and she's not against TRT but I can't see her enthusiastically writing me a script when my levels come back normal despite me saying things like "I feel moody and depressed at times. I'm lethargic even though I'm getting 8 hours of sleep. I've noticed that my libido has gone down. I'm exercising a few times a week with cardio and weight lifting, I take vitamins, and I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables."

Advice or am I s.o.l. ?


If those are real symptoms then you might consider and anti-aging doc. Can't garauntee your insureance would cover it but they are very progressive with T and GH - they would likely get you to high-normal ranges. But be sure your doc rules out thyroid dysfunction, symptoms can be similar. Be sure they don't just check TSH, but they get T4 and T3 (T3 is the active form).

Also have her check D levels. You shoud optimize D to 50-80 ranges then see if you feel better. Low D also can make you lethargic, low thyroid. Personally, my thyroid was low but getting on TRT corrected it. I was way low-normal though on my T levels. BTW, your dock should check all three markers: total T, free T and bioavialble T. Bio T is the gold standard according to Dr. John Chrysler, MD, a TRT expert.



Read the "Lab Work..." sticky. Suggest that you get the male panel done at LEF.org and then come back here with results. You will pay for that out-of-pocket.

You might have "normal" TT and be sub-normal with FT. You feel FT. SHBG bound T [SHBG-T], does not release any T to activate T receptors. Bio-T is also a great measure, but few use it and we are not familiar with the numbers.

Some who are more virilized, thick facial hair, strong facial bone structure who have lower T levels will suffer a lot more than men who are less virilized who have the same low T levels. Doctors and lab numbers really do address individual factors like that. You need to be focused on your symptoms. Most docs are clueless about symptoms. It is not easy to find a doctor who treats your symptoms and sees you as more than a lab result.