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Getting a Scale

So, I do not currently own one, and the only one I have access to is at the gym. Needless to say right around training is not always the best time to weigh in. I would like to get an accurate one, but am unsure of what is what in this area.

Old balance scales?

new digital ones?

Cheap ones from Wal-mart?

Anyone have any opinions?

I actually use my wii fit and it’s really accurate.

I guess the question is, what do you want to use it for?

If you are going to be using it as a general training tool, I think cheap ones are fine. If you are going to rely on it to make weight for a competition I wouldn’t use one of the cheap-o walmart ones.

Using it for making weight(powerlifting) as well as general use. Ok, so the cheap ones are out.

I do not own a wii though.

[quote]DoveofWar08 wrote:
Using it for making weight(powerlifting) as well as general use. Ok, so the cheap ones are out.

I do not own a wii though.[/quote]

If you have access to one at your gym, you could have a the cheap one at home and use the gym one to make weight.

I used to use a cheap one, but I woke up at “222” without clothes sweated my ass off to drop 3 pounds and then ended up weighing in at 215 with boots and clothes. I was pissed. Worse it could go the other way and you could come in heavy and not make weight at all. So no, for competition purposes I wouldn’t rely on an a cheap one.

The scale at my gym is hilariously inaccurate.


how weight you pushing? if its dubs just go with a basic 500 gram scale itf its pounds you might need to up the quality.


I own the above scale. It’s like 30 bucks. it goes to the .5 LB, it’s very accurate. Also I have owned it since Hmmmmm 2003 I think and I have never changed the battery. I’m not even sure it uses batteries. Seriously, How does a battery last almost 8 years? Anyway, it’s a nice looking scale and it does what you need it to do and it’s not expensive. Oh, If your huge it will not go heavy enough. I don’t think it goes over 350. My huge friend got on and it told him to get his fat ass off before he breaks the tempered glass.


i have the glass digital scale from costco’s cost me like $25 came with battery its been pretty accurate… by accurate i mean i’ll weight myself in the mornign after i pee… after i brush my teeth i’ll weigh myself again and it’ll give me the same reading… its consistent…

Thanks folks.


yours looks like a winner, as all I want is a measurement of weight, and I can’t qualify as huge yet, fat probably, but not huge.