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Getting a Pouch

So i keep bulking, gaining strength and i think size but my stomach pouch keeps getting bigger it seems as though all the fat goes there. I know i should just stick through it because its inevitable when bulking but say i want to finally get rid of the pouch, how long (if i train hard and eat correctly) would it take for it to go down increasingly in size so i can time it for the spring months.

I’d suggest either upping the cardio, or lowering the calories a little. You might be overdoing the eating a little too much.

Remember, you want to eat enough to support muscle growth. That doesn’t mean however that you need to be getting fat while doing it.

Upping the cardio will increase your caloric expenditure (meaning your current food intake won’t be as above maintenance as it is) while lowering the caloric intake will basically have the same effect, just from a different angle.

Personally I’d go with upping the cardio.

Takes it take long to burn the fat away?

[quote]jck524 wrote:
Takes it take long to burn the fat away?[/quote]

Everybody’s different. No one can answer that question. If all you want to do is burn fat, most can do it at a rate of 1-2 lbs/week by creating a 500-1000 calorie deficit. If you want to gain muscle and lose fat it will take longer. You will have to zig-zag which means you are losing fat part of the time and gaining muscle the rest of the time.