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Getting A New Stack, Some Questions


Got a few questions for you guys.

1) I've been using ON 100% whey... and i've enjoyed it quite a bit. I'd like to buy more, but recently i've been hearing a lot of good things about whey isolate. Now, i've been training for around 2 years, so in case whey isolate is only beneficial to intermediate + lifters, theres some info for you. So once you answer the question if investing in isolate is worthwhile, if it IS worthwhile, what product would you recommend?

2) Slow release protein. Don't tell me cottage cheese and egg whites... i know that. I have some extra money to spend. I know that i could buy more food, but i already have it. Just looking for a good slow release protein supplement to take at night that is anti-catabolic. Once again, please be more detailed that egg protein or micellular, please recommend some products

3)I've had some modest gains with creatine monohydrate, but i'm looking to try some CEE. Recommendations?

That's all, thanks for the help.


1) Isolates and faster proteins are better and yes you could use them. More for pre/post/during w/o times. Id say check out Surge here in the store.

2) Metabolic Drive slow release and some of the faster whey's as well a nice mix great taste and Price. Cant beat it for an all round MRP IMO then just add FOODS with it fats, carbs etc.. Once again in the store here.

3) IMO save your cash and stick with the monohydrate. they are both creatine and neither will do more than the other if you are responding stick with it save the cash from the over hyped CEE Schtuff.


thanks for the input, any more suggestions?


Yeah, go with Metabolic Drive.

You won't regret it.


that product sounds awesome. However i'm gonna be placing my order from another site... and they don't have it :frowning: