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Getting a New Paintball Gun


Im looking into purchasing a new paintball gun, and i have a few questions.

1) what do you think of the following guns:
- Spyder VS2/VS3
- Evil Omen 2.0
- WGP Trilogy Competition Autococker

Second, what would be the advantages/disadvantages to buying an autococker vs. a gun with an electric trigger?


Not too sure about the guns because I haven't been up to date with paintballing lately but regarding electric triggers vs. autococker, the capacitor on my gun w/ an electric trigger broke in the middle of a match, not exactly the best thing in the world to happen to you.


no T-men/women play paintball?


I used to play all the time, but the sport got really, really gay really fast. A bunch of guys in pink shirts shooting continous ropes of paint for five minutes in what looks like a McDonalds kid playground doesn't do anything for me.


yeah, haven't played in awhile.....Been playing some Airsoft lately on a side note....I suppose they're comparable to a certain degree.


Play Air soft.

Edit: I'm not telling you to play Airsoft. I just meant that I played paintball in the past, and currently play Airsoft.


I just started playing Paint ball and I am hooked. I bought a Tippmann 98 Custom. I really wanted a spyder but I decided to play last minute on a sunday morning and the only place open was Walmart. So I bought the best gun they had. I turned out to be a very good gun though. Really reliable and I upgraded the barrel which made it a lot more accurate. I can't believe how addicting it is.


i have a smart parts epiphany, 98's are good really customizable, more of a field gun. Im sure you payed twice what they are worth at walmart.


When last I played back in the late 90's I had the precursor to what is now the 98. That thing was like a God damn AK-47! The summer I left for college my younger brother left it outside in the rain and the mud for over two whole months. Came home (let my brother have a good piece of my mind) and washed the thing off and cleaned all the mud out of the chamber and barrel. It was tarnished and a little rusted, but I'll be damned if it didn't shoot just as straight as it did before.

Never had a single thing break on that gun. EVER. In fact, I think it's still sitting down in my parents' basement. I should pull it out some time and see if it still works.


Yeah I probably did. I have since seen them a lot cheaper on line, but like I said it was last minute and had no other choice if I wanted to play.


Try stock class or pump, much more fun especially if you get a decent pump like a CCI Phantom, or a PPS super stocker.

Haven't played in a couple of years though, shit's expensive.