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Getting a Life? (Serious)


This is a serious, non trolling thread.

Anyways, I just graduated high school, I'm almost 19, and it hit me.....I don't have a life.

All I do is go to school, and literally all of my freetime is spent on the computer. I stay on the computer for hours a day. Just browsing forums, videos, and wasting life away. (I do go to the gym, never missing a workout)

I realized that during high school I never really had friends or went to parties, I just studied. It payed off kinda because I got into a good college with a scholarship, but I still don't have a life. But who cares if I have a 4.0 gpa and going to GA Tech, if I'm just a loser?

I don't want to be the study-all-day-loser any more. I want to do stuff with my free time, I'm just not sure what.

I'm looking to end my ways of being on the computer, but I'm not sure what to do. What would be some activities to get involved in? I'm looking at MMA, but I need some more.

Here's things I already do:
-Read books
-Video Games

But those are kinda loser-ish.


Well if you just graduated and will go to college in September then that is when your life will begin.

Haven't you seen the movies!!?!?! It'll be great!


Here's all the advice you need:

Oh and, uh, get a haircut hippy...




I have given this advice to all my nephews and nieces. DO WHAT YOU ENJOY. Thatâ??s it. We are not talking about nothing more than hobby. Something to do outside of Work(school), Studying, Family.

If you enjoy it then do it. Hell I still read comicbooks (graphic novels BS) hahahaahh. Do I care what others think hell no.


It seems like you are very conscientious of what your peers think of you. I was like that after high school and after a while you really learn to just stop giving a shit.

Life will come as long as you can find things in which you enjoy and are proud of doing.


Sitting in front of a computer for hours is not healthy for anyone, I agree. College will help with that.

But anyways...

How about you grow a pair, do what you want to do, and stop caring about everyone else.

Also, just be thankful that you didn't start thinking like a complete dickhead before you graduated high-school with good grades.


Studying all day doesn't make you a loser, it makes you intelligent... losers are the idiots that are out of highschool tagging up walls and doing drugs all day. Redefine you're definition of a loser, and if you're still unsure of what a loser is jump on a public transportation system during the time schools are letting out and listen to the way some of these future rocket scientists talk.

Now if you want to be more social then that's completely different then being a loser. The great thing about college is they have plenty of after school programs and clubs. Just make sure you surround yourself with intelligent people. Make friends with people who you wouldn't mind being like because chances are they will influence you more than you know.


Go knock up a girl.

In just a few months, you'll have more life to deal with than you could ever imagine. That's just the beginning................

That was sarcasm, don't knock anyone up, but ask yourself "What do I want to do or accomplish before I'm forced to spend all my time with [a baby] or [a wife] then not be able to do it. Then take the strides to do it.


Invest in yourself (education) and you will never be a loser. Never give up, never quit, and be the kind of person they have to kill in order to beat -- and you'll never be a loser.

If you do these, whether you wind up a billionaire or living in a tenement, you are not a loser.


-Go to some other school for evening classes, like fine art or some other subject that might interest you
-Learn a language


It sounds like you want to put yourself where people are; add some social-with-a-shared-purpose kind of activities. Nothing wrong with spending time by yourself. You simply sound introspective, introverted, intelligent. But you want more. . .

I agree with other posters in that things will open up in college but you have to make that happen. Join, join, join. Try things you wouldn't normally try. Since you spend so much time alone, I'm saying do things where there is an activity and everything doesn't depend on socializing. Intramurals, clubs, volunteer, get involved. You have the whole academic thing under control so now you can make a deliberate plan of attack and focus your energy and effort into trying new things that aren't solitary pursuits.

Not sure what you will be studying but volunteering in your community as a starting point puts you around other good folks. Beats going to yoga class to meet women.


In every point in life you have a certain role to play which makes up your life.

You were in highschool? Your role was to get good grades. You achieved it. That was your life. You got into GA? You suceeded at that role in your life.

Now you are going to UNI. Suceed at that, and dont waste your parents money.

Find something you are passionate about, move towards accomplishing it. Whatever it is.



Playing the piano is actually pretty pimp.

Staying on the computer all day is pretty lame, though.

Join activity clubs. Ping pong, volleyball, whatever. That will get you out and about. A quick google search or craigslist search should yield some results for events and activities in your area.


I recommend cocaine...the solution to all of life's problems.


MMA, nail some girls, get out there and meet people. I used be exactly like you, i started going to boxin, got some confidence and started to get out in the world. Changing something small can have a huge effect.


I am going through the same thing....sort of...someone said it earier when they mentioned getting out and doing things. I have made it a goal to try something knew once a week in my new surroundings. Not only has it been fun, but it increased my overall happiness. You never know what you might discover or find you enjoy. Hell, I started gardening, there is a huge urban gardening movement in my city. I would have never thought I would find an interest in gardening.


Muscic, broadening your culture/knowledge, some r&r and exercise. Doesn't sound 'loser-ish' to me.

If someone else thinks it is then so what?

You could add some more outside stuff. Write a list of 100 activities of various kinds - big long list that you get from imagination, this thread, online lists of hobbies.

Cross out the ones that really dont appeal until you have about 5 left and see how you can go about doing them. And limit onlin time to 1 hr a day no more.

There ya go!


Dude, do what you want to do. If you want to play video games with your boys, do it. If you want to learn how to play the piano, a flute, a guitar, or whatever, do it. If you want to nail random chicks, go out and do it.

Don't try to imitate some of the posers on here. If you got an interest in it or want to change, do it. If you want to stick with what you're doing, do it.