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Getting A Keg


I'm having trouble getting an empty keg for keg training...people say the liquor stores around here won't sell them because you rent them and they charge you a lot extra if you dont bring it back.
Anyone else had this problem? Know where I can get one? Thanks a lot.



Where is "here?"

Anyway, I got two of them from a junk collector. My advice is to put a wanted ad up on a site like Craigslist.org. It worked for me...

Also you can check local scrap yards


just go to the store - what they don't want your money ? store i went to said they get $7 back per keg from the distributer. didn't make a difference to them where they got the $7 from. in fact they were happy to have it out of the way.
other than that i'd be glad to sell you mine for $10.50 plus shipping but you could prolly jsut come over and pick it up since you live around here being markymark and all.


Go to a frat party and wait for everyone to pass out. Voila. Free kegs, some still have beer in them too.


As crazy as it sounds, this is pretty good advice. You may also find someone around you who has a lot of parties - often they'll have a few lying around they forgot to return and may just give you one. Angelbutt grabbed one for me from a friend this way.



Swivel, where did you get one for $7? I talked to the distribution center and a couple od store. I found out that for a Bud keg is $40 and a Miller keg is $25 deposits. I think it may depend on the distributor or company.

Whats the deposit on a Natural Lite keg? It can't be more than $15.


I talked to a liquor store as well and they said everything went back to the DC. So my next step is to call a local distributer and ask them if they have any junky/beat up ones to get rid of.


Uhhh, that's what they cost full.


And how do you fill them with water?


you have to take out the ball and pipe that is attached to it. There is c ring that holds it in to the neck of the keg where you attach the tapper. There is a tool to do this but who wants to buy that. you can brake the ring with a hammer and chisel and pull it out with a needle nose pliers. To seal it you can use a test plug. I think it is 2 1/2 inch.

I got my first keg by being drunk at a party. throwing a full keg on my shoulder and walking out of the party. No one stoped me. It might have had something to do with the throwing it on to my shoulder like it was nothing.



at the spirit haus in amherst, ma. it's a heineken keg. stores definitely look to make some free money on kegs not returned so those prices i'd think reflect what the market bears more than the actual costs. btw i have a really good relationship w/ that store which may have been why it was so easy for me.


You can get them all over the place in charity shops e.t.c here in the UK.


The deposit for keg can be up to $50. Sometimes it's almost as much as the keg. In Ann Arbor, we have to make sure and bring it in if it's not kicked (which is basically not a problem) or the bums will steal it and sell it back to the liquor store. Basically, they get your deposit back and the stores really don't care. But just shell out the dough if you don't want to take the other suggestions. Take those first-save your money.