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Getting a Katana

I turn 35 on Saturday, and some of my buddies at the gym have pitched in and bought me a Katana size 42 for my birthday.

I have been using a F6 size 44 for a couple months now, but lost too much weight for it to be tight now. Do any of you use the Katana and if so what do you think of it?

My best in the F6 has been 365lb’s, and 425lb’s with a four board. Looking forward to the shirt.

I haven’t really heard much, but what I have heard is that it’s a beast.

Let us know how you perform in it. I’m looking into getting one for next year’s collegiate nationals.

They’re good shirts for a few meets. They tend to stretch out over time and loose there tension somewhat, but they’re great until they do.

I have one and will probably wear it for my next meet. Killer shirt, tons of support and great pop.

Make sure you push up the arms quite a bit (we aim for 3-4 finger widths above the back of the elbow with the elbow bent) before pulling it over the head b/c the fabric is so stiff if the arms aren’t up high enough you will have a hell of a time getting it seated and then it is probably going to be too much shirt the first time you put it on.

It is a very tunable shirt once you learn it and it will stand up to alterations excellently.

Thanks for the replys. APWSEARCH, I will copy this to a note card and take it with me to the fellas. Only one other guy has a Katana so far, and he just got it too, and he hasn’t done what you wrote above.

I use my Katana to slice watermelon. Other than that, it just hands on the wall.

I think you’d look pretty weird brining your Katana into the gym. Though with all the guys “shadow boxing” in the gym these days, it probably wouldn’t be an unusual sight. If you take your Katana to one of those “shadow boxers,” all the better.

It takes me almost 50 more lbs to touch in my Katana than my same size F6. For perspective that is slightly less than 10% differential. How much you lower the collar in the katana makes all the difference. Only twist the sleeves if you have experience, so put it on with your thumbs parallel to the floor as you slide the sleeves up your arm.


Jack, thanks.
I see your a Navy Pilot, that is very cool. I was 4 years Navy also as an Aviation Ordnanceman on the Kittyhawk. Loved flight ops, not too many people can say that they have been in that type situation when everything is turning and burning. Stay safe.