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Getting a Job at a Gym?


Here is the deal. I am a full time student and would like to get a part time job to help out the income. I am currently living off my savings which will last a little while longer but not very long. I'm in school m-f 9-12, have worked out at gyms in the past and currently use the one at my school. The problem is my gym is only open m-f, 9-5 and its always full of people not really working out just taking up space. There is a Planet Fitness opening up about a mile from my house and it would be nice to pick up a part time gig there with possibility of free use of the gym. So my question is what do these places normally pay and what do they look for. My past experience is managerial, CAD, customer service and I pretty much know my way around a gym.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


seriously I'd apply for the gym...heck I just applied to my gym for part time as a means of extra income...not a bad idea, plus it's a free membership.


?!? Just go in and ask.


I believe Planet Fitness pays in pizza and bagels.

But in all seriousness, since you've worked in customer service, I would look at getting a front desk job. Unless you are certified in something, I don't think they would let you hop into a personal trainer role. But that's not to say you can't do that on the side if you know some of the customers.


In a college town? Probably not much, 7 - 10 an hour. They have a huge amount of kids that will work in that price range.


Pays probably around minimum. That's what the two friends that work at my gym get. But another friend that works at another gym gets $12. for doing basically nothing. Don't know why.

You'll be checking people in behind the desk, putting weights away, running bathroom and cleaning checks, and showing new people around...


I plan on going in and asking for the job, obviously. Checked their website for a HR dept, nothing, didn't even show this place on their website. Its not even open yet. I was just curious about some angles or tips of what these people look for and what to expect. I don't plan on being a personal trainer as I'm not certified. My area of study is electrical engineering. I like to be prepared. Just like if you where going to start a new workout regimen, you would have a plan. Hoping some of you all have worked at one of these places and had a pointer or two.


I worked in a commercial gym as a weight floor instructor (gloried walker-arounder for noobs) before finishing my PT certification.

The pay is shit, the job is easy, the coworkers are young and either slutty or annoying (chatty, backstabbing teenage tards) and management will 100% of the time only open their mouth to you to speak of ways to increase sales.

And you get a free membership. It's like a job at your favorite restaurant so you get free food every shift, or a clothing store where you get discounts on clothes you like. It's not gonna get you anywhere in life but if you want $7-10/hr in your pocket, it's an easy gig.

One good thing is most gyms have at least one normal dude you can shoot the shit with about training. You may just learn a few things.