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Getting a Hormone Panel in Canada


hey everyone, hopefully this is the right section to post this...

anyways, im 22 years old and been doing olympic weightlifting for about 5 years.
I train nearly everyday under a great coach. problem is, i havent improved for almost 2 years no matter how hard i train, how good i eat, sleep etc...

others at the club are improving steadily no matter there age, diet etc...

I haven't slept through the night regularly for as long as i can remember (dispute taking lots of magenssium etc...), my joints are always achy, and i have trouble putting on muscle and/or losing fat.

Im starting to wonder whats up and want to get a hormone panel done to see if something is messed up.

what kind of things should i ask to be tested? obviously testosterone, and free testosterone, and estrodrol, but what else? TSH? etc...

Im going to see my doctor on monday and want to be prepared so that he can see how frustrated i am so he will be more likely to order the test.

also, IF he doesn't order it, does anyone have any idea how much the test would cost out of pocket?


If only there was a stickey with the recommended blood tests....


i met with my doctor about my symptoms, and i will be getting a test done for

CBC, ALT, Creatinine, Ferritin, TSH, and FSH.

He believes that the FSH will be enough to see if anything is abnormal with my testosterone.

he thinks my low energy, poor recovery and sleep as well as my inablility to gain or even maintain weight (when i never had that problem before) may be due to a thyroid issue.

However he wouldnt agree to sign off on getting testosterone or estradrol taken.

should have the results fairly soon. My question to all of you, is if i want to get my test and estradol tested, how would i go about doing that in canada. and would anyone have an idea of how much that would run me?



Either your doctor has no idea or he is pulling your leg. Why test for fsh when that will tell him absolutely nothing regarding test levels. So the insurance is going to pay for an fsh test to check testosterone levels instead of just testing for testosterone what a dumb ass doctor.

Unfortunately you will not get your answer on your test levels from those tests.

Not sure how it works in Canada, but your best bet if you want these tests is to find another doctor.

This doctor of yours is stupid.


Agree, this is pretty fucking stupid. Best way to test your Testosterone? Testosterone test!!!!!


By the way, this belongs in the Stupid Doctor thread...anybody want to transcribe it over there?


he said that if FSH is high, that something is under producing down the line and if it was high/low we could do other tests.

I have actually found a independent lab in my city that will do test, estrogen etc...

i have an appointment with them on friday. my blood test for FSH, TSH etc... is tomorrow


Unfortunately he is trying to talk his way around it. LH is responsible for testosterone stimulation, FSH is for sperm production so this test is not going to tell him all that much.

Even if he did test for LH and it was mid range he would not know what testostetone levels are.

for thyroid you want at minimum

Good luck with the other doctor.


when to see a private naturopathic doctor today, we talked for a while and when over my symptoms, and previous blood tests, as well as my struggles and stress, sleep etc...

he gave me a few tips and i also got a saliva collection kit (pricy, but worth it if it helps)for testosterone, estrogens, cortosol dheas etc...

I should have the test done by sunday (my off day from the gym) and have the results back in another week or so.

Will keep you guys up-dated. I also see my GP on wednesday to go over the test results from by blood test.


With our "free" healthcare system, I can't even find a family doctor, let alone a specialist to get these tests done. Ridiculous. How did it get so bad? Thankfully, private ($$$$) tests are becoming available. But ouch they are costly. I thought I'd be at a stage right now I'd need HRT, but I actually feel good and dominant. So the tests would be more for baseline data, and to see if anything else needs to be done. Anyways, good luck!


got the results back from the saliva test.

Looks like there is nothing wrong (from this test) with testosterone or estrogen, but that my adrenals are burnt out.

Estradiol was 1.7 (0.80-6.6) (low normal)
Free test was 140 (43-150) (high normal)
DHEAs was 23 (6-18) (HIGH)

Cortisol in the morning was also at 12 (2-11) which is high, but it PLUMMETS far too fast and remains very low for the rest of the day.

Anyone know what a High DHEAs means or side effects?

The doctor recommended some adaptogenic herbs, and to rest and no caffine for a few weeks. He said i could still train, just back off a bit and some other tips as well