Getting a Freshman in HS into Training

So one of my brother in law is a freshman in high school. He’s pretty athletic, but he for sure needs to get a helluva a lot stronger if he wants to compete with the guys in HS. My wife and I decided for Xmas to buy him a squat rack, barbell, 250lbs worth of bumpers, and a doorway pull up bar.

With no bench press, what type of workout should I have him do? I’m thinking these exercises fit what he can do with just a barbell that’s not overly complicated:

Legs - Back Squat, Front Squat, Lunges, RDL
Pull - Deadlift, Power Clean, BB Row, T-Bar Row, Chin-Ups/Pull-Ups, BB Curl
Press - OH Press, Push Press, Floor Press, Dips, Push Ups, Landmine stuff

I’m thinking to just keep it simple for a few months having him do a 4x8 or 5x5 and then get him into 531. In terms of how the training week would look I was thinking something like this:

-Back Squat / Abs
-OH Press / Chin-Ups
-Dips / Lunges

-Deadlift / Push Ups
-Floor Press / BB Row
-RDL / BB Curls

-Front Squat / Abs
-Push Press / Pull-Ups
-T-Bar Row / Landmine Press

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I find bands really useful for working out at home, can attach one to the top of a rack for tricep work, bottom for curls, leg curls or shoulder raises etc.

They’re pretty cheap and cab be used for a lot of different things

Got you fam


Srsly tho wut sport/s does he do?

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He plays basketball.

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Sorry I just had to. Every time Khangles gifs up the place, I get tempted to follow.

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