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Getting a Foam Roller

hope somebody can help me here: i wanted to buy a foam roller the other day. i’m from a small town in austria (europe) and apparently nobody here knows what a foam roller is. now, i guess there actually are some foam rollers around, but people just don’t know what i mean with foam roller, and i don’t know how they are called in german. could anybody give me a closer description of the buildup, so i can either explain what i look for, or get an alternative tool? i used a tennisball so far which works great for the calves, but i have problems using it on my hip-flexors yet.
thanks andy

buy it from performbetter.com

You can also find them at a store that sells back therapy equipment. Usually the store consists of fancy beds, chairs, etc. It seems most sporting good stores have no idea what you are talking about.

thanks! is a pilates roller the same as a foam roller?

[quote]da sheep wrote:
thanks! is a pilates roller the same as a foam roller?[/quote]

Looks the same to me.

It’s not perfect, but I picked up a funnoodle from Wal-Mart. The thickest I could find. Seems to work fine, and real cheap too.

Print a photo of a foam roller off the internet and show it at stores? :slight_smile:

Don’t think that you can’t do an awesome SMR job without a Foam Roller, because It’s not the case at all.

This is the protocol I use once every week

Tennis ball: Feet+hams+psoas+upper body

Pvc 6": lower legs (tibial+calves etc)

Foam roller: I use It only for quads

Heel(yes heel): legs adductors+vastus medialis

You can also work on your quads with your elbow. So for pvc (20$) and a tennisball (-2$) you’ll have all that you need.

P.S -If the tennisball don’t do it for you, then use a baseball ball(the hardcore option).

Fast as Hell

thanks for the help! i guess i’ll do what BFBullpup suggests (how could i not have thought about that? :wink:
but i’ll also try some of your tips, adonail! as soon as i have done some work on the foam roller and the tennisball i might even get to the baseball one day…