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Getting a Better Routine


I've been weightlifting for about a year and the entire time I've done generally the same routine. A lot of isolation lifts and not a lot of moving heavy weights. My routine was created by my dad (He's a pretty strong/big. Also, I'm only 17), but I don't like it all that much anymore and want to branch out to heavier weights and more compound lifts.

I was attracted towards 5x5 and it's the only other routine I've really read/heard about (never looked into 5/3/1). So, I decided to try 5x5 (StrongLifts) and realized there is more than one type of 5x5 routine (madcow, texas, SS??). Starting this low of weight kind of sucks, and the newest StrongLifts 5x5 book seemed like a lot of marketing. So, I'm a little less sure of this choice.

Any thoughts?


Madcow is for AFTER SL, once you get strong enough.

You are adding 15 lbs a week to your squat. It will get very heavy, very fast.

Spreadsheet for SL is free, just get it.

SS is also good. Texas Method is for after you mastered SS.

Both are good.

Good luck


Bro, after a year only, it's more about consistency then program design. Get a good program and be consistent with it.

Stronglifts, 5/3/1 and Rippetoe's Starting Strength are all excellent choices for you, you seem to have a goal of strength gains.

I also like Chad Waterbury's Huge In A Hurry (Get Strong / Get Even Stronger) but I'm not sure it's so popular around these parts.


I do like strength gains, but I also like looking good (lean not bodybuilding) AND I'm also into athletics. I'm also a little concerned with the emphasis he puts on recovering from squats that I shouldn't incorporate running/cycling/swimming like I want to.


dont do stronglifts out of principle - guy who copied it from Rippetoe turned into a giant vagina douche


Look up WS4SB v3.

But yeah, consistency is key.






Everybody should do these kinds of things.