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Getting A Bench Shirt On/Off

I am finally getting a bench shirt. I am getting a Titan Fury. What is the easiest way to get a poly shirt on and especially off?

Thanks for any help.

P.S. I do not have a lot of help getting it on and off.

You might be able to put it on yourself if you don’t have it super tight and it’s not too tight on the arms. With the stretchy back it’s easy to get over your shoulders and chest but getting your arms pushed in all the way may be the hard part.

You really have to have atleast one person to help you, or it’ll be basically impossible.

Anyways, here are some methods to put it on:

  1. Turn the shirt inside out, put some suit slippers on your arms, and work your arms in it, to a little past the elbow, and have your helper flip in back on to you.
  2. Have your helper grip a front piece of the arm near the shoulder and the back side to help set the arms in. Kick out your arm like a tricep kick-back to help set the arms in.
  3. Have the person tug the back of the neck up, and they have him tug down at the front scoop of the neck.
  4. After you have set the scoop neck, have the person put his elbow at the bottom of the shirt and give it a really hard push to set the shirt and to get rid of any creases.
  5. Clip the belt and you should be good.

6)You can do the aforementioned way with putting the shirt on inside-in, if it is loose enough.

I know there is a website detailing this, but I can’t find it at the moment.

I have tried the Titan Fury. It is a great shirt. I put it on inside out. The sleeves are difficult so I need someone to hold them while pushing my arm through. But it goes on fairly easy. The inzer shirts are much more difficult to put on.

Make sure that you have three spotters. One on each side of the bar and one in the back. It can be dangerous if you miss your life.

I have seen guys and gals put plastic grocery bags inside their suits and shirts to get them to “slide” on.


[quote]tigerak02 wrote:

I know there is a website detailing this, but I can’t find it at the moment.[/quote]


Also… if you roll the bottom of the shirt up outwars before you trn it inside out it will be alot easier to get the body down.

go buy some damn scissors.

[quote]julia87 wrote:
go buy some damn scissors.[/quote]

Kind of true really. I use a ragged-out F-6 for when I just want something in training for a bit of shoulder protection and some carryover, but something I can still touch with 315. In its brief competitive life, the F-6 worked best as a closed back. But I use it open back now. Easier to put on than a tie.