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Getting 19+ Inch Neck


Anyone else here interested in getting a big neck?I think of starting a thread for everyone to post neck curl progress,shrugs,size progress ect and I wanna see if anyone's interested to join


Serious question - why? Unless you play contact sports or are involved in martial arts...
That being said, besides shrugs and neck curls, wrestler bridges (both front and back) work great. From my experience, power cleans and snatches also help.


Why not.It looks bad ass

I'll give a shot at neck bridges,although I doubt I'll be able to do them


I had a 19 inch neck when I was 320lb... no work other than DL & shrugs, I wouldn't advise increasing neck by adding lard though! :slight_smile:



How much where you shrugging?


BB shrug about 310kg x 5reps, loose style. 275 x 12 stricter. Drug free if that matters to you. I lightened up to around 280lb bodyweight but moving about the same weight.
My avatar is me June 20th 2014 (age 54) not having DL or shrugged for several years (L5 disc!). However in the meantime lots of rows & face pulls.


Wow,some impressive numbers right there,especially for a natty


Still not sure how to quote on this phone , but you can erase the last 4 words.

That he is or not is unimportant. (I have no idea and don't care)

It's impressive. Period.


It's impressive no matter what,I agree

But doing it while being natural is even more impressive


Also in the 20 inch neck club...more when im in old Fat Bastard Mode. Unfortunately mine is probably more to do with genetics than training.

Id say forget the neck bridges and get a neck harness of some sort.


There are some things I wanna buy before a neck harness,like some solid bands, but a neck harness is on my goals.For the time being I'll stick with putting plates on my head


I've got a weirdly thick neck. I never train my upper traps because I think my weird neck takes away from my shoulder width. My traps grow 5x as fast as any other part of my body.

Buuuuuut I watched the Captain American movies the other day and the dude's traps are huge and actually look pretty good despite him not being the widest dude ever, so I thought fuck it, I'll train my traps for a couple of months and see.

Literally two workouts of trap training later my girlfriend's like "your neck is huge!" If only the rest of me would grow like that. Sad face.


Same here.My neck is 16.5 inches at 205 pounds,which is not bad,but I'd like an 18-19 inch neck

But my traps where always big without even training them.I've been shrugging inconsistently for the past few months and yesterday I did 400 pounds x 6 with sloopy form after my squats

Although naturally big traps(compared to the rest of my body at least) are nice I'd switch them for bigger arms or back any day

Here are 2 sad faces for the both of us
:cry: :cry:


Wrestler have big necks. When you wrestle, you use your neck meat to move your head around, and also to keep your opponent from moving your head around.

So for the best neck, I would do static/ supportive/isometric stuff like bridges and having your homeboy push your head while you resists. Then do dynamic/ moving stuff, like headstrap work. In addition to working your traps, of course.

For the wrestler's bridge, find some kind of Matt or something. Start on your knees face down, and the top of your head, with your hands down for support. Roll your head around, and get a feel for using your neck muscles. Get comfortable. Then, work on raising your hands. Take your time. Once you're OK with that, get up on your toes and head, again using your hands for extra support. Roll your neck/head around. Get comfortable. After awhile, lift your hands up, so you are on your head and feet.

You can use bands in pretty much the same way you would use a headstrap. The bands are way easier, and you can even go side to side, which is a nightmare with the harness or plates balanced on your head.

When your neck and back get more stronger/coordinated/flexible together, you can flip over, and start to bridge belly up.


For the time being I'll spend some time doing bodyweight sets or going no heavier than 10 kg/22 pounds.Also I'll do some twists with a band.After a month or 2 I'll start incoperating bridges into my routine.I think as a total beginner on that area it's smarter to build some work capacity before I move to more advanced stuff


Yeah cant argue that one....since I live with one


I've had a 19 inch neck since wrestling in high school at 215 I'm now 31 and 270 and still have that neck with larger traps to go with it and let me tell you getting fitted for a suit or Tux sucks. Forget about going somewhere for a wedding rental their shirts only go up to 18


Ughhh this sucks in general. Last time I measured my thighs they were 27 inches each. That was almost a year ago I'm sure they're bigger now. Pretty much guarantees I am doomed to buy fat man pants and suit separates for the rest of my life.

It also doesn't help that I'm 5'6" 240. Pretty sure suits were made for tall skinny people.


I feel ya brother, I'm 6'3 270 I had to get fitted for a cousins wedding a few months back the fitting lady got mad at me because she said my portions weren't going to work for their stock suits. 19in neck very wide shoulders/back with a 38in waist. The thing they had that fit my upper body was a 4x but it was way to big in the mid section it looked rediculas lol. So I had to get one special ordered. Guess you shouldn't be 270 and not have a gut these days lol


I don't know why you would want a big neck. Why do you want to look like a cattle? Doesn't look good to me. Smaller traps and neck is your natural status emblem.