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Gettin Strong With Max OT!


I have been training inconsistently for way too long, and by inconsistently I mean a severe case of program hopping and overanalyzing every little detail. Because of this, I wasted time and effort in the gym with little results to show for it all. No more, it ends now. KingBeef's thread has inspired me to just pick a damn program and progress with it, and I chose Max OT because it allows me to get stronger, and make slight changes to the routine to better suit my needs without screwing the whole thing up with the guidelines. Also, the heavy weights taken to near failure suit my training style perfectly. At the advice of KingBeef, I'm going to broaden the rep range to 4-8 for progression and joint health. No more baby weights, time to progress!

Following the template from KingBeef's thread as a guideline, the routine will look like this (I have limited equipment).

Saturday - Chest/Tris

Incline Barbell Press - 3x4-8
Decline Dumbbell Press - 3x4-8 (1xacc)
Dips - 2x4-8 (2xacc)
French Press - 2x4-8 (1 10 rep set just to make sure elbows are ready)
Skull Crushers - 2x4-8

Sunday - Back/Bis

Barbell Rows - 3x4-8
Weighted Chin Up - 2x4-8
Dumbbell Rows - 2x4-8
Seated Cable Rows - 2x4-8
Pinwheels - 2x4-8
Barbell Curls - 2x4-8

Tuesday - Legs (slow negatives!)
Lying Leg Curls - 2x4-8
RDL's - 2x4-8 (warmup again)
Back Squat - 2x4-8 (warmup)
Leg Press - 2x4-8 (1xacc)
Bulgarian Split Squat - 2x4-8 (1xacc)

Wednesday - Shoulders

Seated OH Barbell Press (ass slid forward so it's more like a super high incline press) - 2x4-6
Seated Dumbbell Press - 2x4-8
Cable Laterals - 3x6-8
Dumbbell Laterals - 1x6-8
Rear Delt raises on inlcine bench - 3x12-15

Thursday - Traps/Calves/Abs/Forearms

Shrugs - 3x4-8

Standing calf raises - 3x4-8
Leg Press calf raises - 3x4-8

Ab Wheel Rollouts - 3x10-15
Weighted Leg Raises - 3x10-15

Reverse curls - 2x8-10
Behind Back wrist curls - 2x8-10

Diet will be 3000 calories a day, which is just enough for me to bulk on. I eat tons of fruits and vegetables, along with 1.5-2g per pound of bodyweight in protein per day. Fat and carb levels vary, but I always get at least 80g of healthy fat from fish, nuts, and eggs mostly.

Supplements are basic, right now I'm just taking fish oil, a multivitamin, ZMA, creatine, BCAAs, whey, and melatonin for sleep (terrible sleeper). My "preworkout" is black coffee.

Did my first workout today, went great!

(Warmup sets not listed)

Barbell Incline Bench

Dumbbell Decline Bench
57.5x6 (microplates FTW)

Dips (leaning forward, slow negative for shoulder health)

Dumbbell French Press (single DB cupped with both hands)

Skull Crushers


Back and Biceps today, didn't go well AT ALL because I was running on only a couple hours of sleep. Oh well, I'm gonna rest so I can really kill my next workout. My triceps were really damn sore from yesterday, been a while since I trained them directly at all.

Weighted Chin Ups

Barbell Bent Rows

Dumbbell Dead Stop Row (increase weight next time)

Seated Cable Row (increase weight next time)

DB Pinwheel Curls

Barbell Strict Curls