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Gettin Started


Hi I live in Massachusetts. I want to get started in competimg in weightlifting. Unfortunately there are no clubs near my location. WHere do I start. Do I have to be affiliated to a club to compete. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Where in Mass do you live?


no you don't have to be affiliated with a club to compete. i compete unattached myself, u do have to be a member of usaw though. I'd recommend heading out to a meet as soon as possible and talking to everyone u can. weightlifters r generally very friendly and willing to help especially at local meets. and although u might not have any clubs near by there might be a couple knowledgeable guys that might be close by and willing to help.


Thanks for the response. I will definitely take your advice and attend a meet and join usaw. Also, I live in Attleboro

Thanks again


exactly, go to meets and talk. Most in the Oly lifting are very nice with each other, it's a tight-knit group since it is so small/under-appreciated.

Florence PIONEER VALLEY WLC Sean Manseau (413) 388-1302 weightlifting@pioneervalleycrossfit.com
Hanover ROBINSON WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB Ellyn Robinson (508) 509-8660 robinsonsweightlifting@comcast.net
Saugus NORTH SHORE WEIGHTLIFTERS Dave Lussier (781) 233-6215
Topsfield NORTH SHORE CROSSFIT WLC David Picardy (978) 887-0012 info@northshorecrossfit.com
Waltham EXCEL WEIGHTLIFTING Benjamin Fuller (802) 999-0763 bfuller@alum.rpi.edu
West Newton RENO'S WLC Denis Reno (617) 244-2845 renoswlnl@verizon.net

None of those places are near Attleboro?


Coach Robinson is an exceptional coach who is also a professor of kinesiology. If you have the opportunity to work with her, even if it is an hour drive, you should do it. She is incredibly knowledgeable about lifting as well as getting and staying healthy in the sport - invaluable! She's also produced and worked with a ton of high level athletes, both men and women. I can't say enough nice things about her.

Ben Fuller is also an excellent coach, though he doesn't have quite the same experience as Coach Robinson.

I am not quite as familiar with a lot of the rest, though Denis Reno tends to coach at Excel as well, if I remember correctly.


Hey Ryan any luck finding a club? I'm also looking to get into olympic lifting. I live down the Cape, but work in Carver.


If you can make it, I'd recommend swinging by the Atlantic States Open in Lynn, MA on the 20th of Feb.

20 Neptune Boulevard
Lynn, MA
Lifting probably starts around 8:30 or 9:00.

It will be a good opportunity to see an actual competition and network with area lifters and coaches. I'm pretty sure most or all of the coaches mentioned above will be in attendance.

Good luck!