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Gettin Started HELP


Need some tips and help getting started.
I have been lifting for 5 years but am just starting to get interested in bodybuilding.


How many times per week can you get to the gym? At least 3?

How willing are you to eat 6 times per day, by the clock and until you are mildly uncomfortable?

How concerned are you about staying very lean throughout this journey?

Are you ready to invest years into putting on the size you'll need to to look like a bodybuilder?

I think these are the questions you need to answer for yourself. You've been involved in weight training for 5 years? Good, that'll only help.

And as long as you follow the advice of the guys who have been sucessful at this for several years you'll be fine.


I could get there six times.
Eating? Eating is awesome I would do it.
I would like to stay fit, is that not possible? I know there are bulking periods and stuff.

Im ready to invest time, I just need to like talk/meet with someone to see if its worth it.
Im super competitive and I just finished highschool and I need a new form of competition. I love lifting.



Are you aware there is a beginner's forum? That'd be a great place to start.


Start by asking very specific questions. And yes the Beginner Forum is a great place to start.

And as long as you have a great attitude, you'll fit in here just fine.

Just think what you'll look like as you gain 50 lbs over the next few years. That'll be what, 240lbs at about 6' tall? Nice.

And yes, there will be periods of bulking but this DOES NOT mean getting fat. It just means that you wont be fretting over a whether you have ripped 6-pack while you're growing some serious muscle. The muscle that most of your firends wont have.


Heres some questions
should i try to talk to some kind of coach?
I feel like i have some really great features but i dont think im very balanced.

SHould i try to find a competition to either train for/ or go watch?

Do bodybuilders train for size or strength? or by training for size do they get stronger?

Is this gonna be super exspensive?


If you know how to lift weights you won't need a coach unless you decide to compete.

Watch is a great idea. Seeing guys who are far ahead of you is great motivation to work hard. I would put some time into serious bodybuilding before thinking about competing though, 2-3 years of dedicated training probably.

Well by definiiton we train for size, but most of us use strength gains to stimulate size gains. If you get significantly stronger and eat to support growth you will get bigger and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You simply don't see guys incline pressing 405x10 who have small chests.

Compared to what? I spend more money on certain things like food, but far less on medicine and drugs/alcohol/cigaettes than my friends. It's all relative to me, effort and consistency is more inportant than the amount of money you have to pursue this.


alright so I should try to eat like 6 meals a day and consume somewhere from 200-400 grams of protein a day?

what should I do about evening out my body?

training more than once a day?