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gettin nekkid post workout

Given the recent threads on cold showers - thought some of you might find this amusing.

So today, after I finished my extensive post-workout stretching, I go to the lockers and theres a big sign up after the entryway “There Will Be No Hot Water until Noon - Sorry for The Inconvenience” and then someone crossed out noon and put “sorry, project extended.”
Anyways, my mind immediately backtracked to recent threads and in a way part of me did a happy little dance inside, because this was it: no turning back, it was time for a cold one. While other people just seemed to let their sweat dry, or just left in their relatively icky state, I started getting myself pumped up to hit the shower and let it rock my world. (ironically, I never have any ‘motivated!’ attitude in the actual gym)

It was vigorous, invigorating, and I felt slightly-self conscious about my genitals afterwards, but damn. I think it jacked my hormones around for the next 5 or 6 hours, because I couldn’t stop eating and felt really ‘up.’
Dont know why, but thought it was worth sharing
Franks: ‘shrinkage be damned’ Since about 1200 yesterday. Ripping off MBE and feeling a little guitly since about 0015 this morning.