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Gettin' MEAN

this might sound wild and yes I believe it is overtraining, but has anyone noticed if they do five days a week while hitting a muscle group hard once a week and may be a specific area twice, they get meaner? It might sound wild, but by the end of the week, without my time off, I’m one pissed off mofo. Has anyone else experienced this? Have I drained all my neurotransmitters? Is my cort through the roof or is it just that my testosterone goes through the roof? After the couple of days of recovery, I’m nice again. Interesting, yah?

Fuck you mutherfucker! I train 7 days a week and I ain’t got no problem. Got that!


I know exactly what you mean. I think it may be a drainage of neuro/higher test level. I’ve noticed that when I have plenty of neurotransmitters and test I feel great and am the center of female attention. But if I have high test only I am an asshole to just about everyone. I have also worked the same muscle groups hard twice a week. I only do this occasionally if for some reason I feel like once wasn’t enough for that particular muscle group. It seems to incite a greater response though I’m sure if I consistently did this it would not. Inconsistency in strength training seems to be a beneficial approach. I’ve noticed that if you mix it up a lot you make greater gains. Cardio on the other hand seems to need more consistency.

RS, that’s EXACTLY what I notice. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.