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Gettin it up

Hey guys, I’ve got a small problem, and I do mean small. I’m only 21 years old and about 6 months ago I lost a bunch of weight, I went from 285 to 240. Before I lost the weight I was one of the horniest guys around, but now I just can’t get it up. I’m still pretty horny but so far I have failed in the bedroom 3 times in a row and even when I jack off I don’t get very hard, but I do climax. At first I thought my diet was to blame for all of this, but over the last 2 months or so I have been eating pretty clean, at about 50%pro, 30% carb, 20% fat, with plent of calories, in fact I have gained some of the weight back. But still no action in the land down under. I am on tribex and this seems to have no affect. Could my T levels be to low or is it some other problem, I don’t think I have low T levels, because my strength is High, and I have been making gains in the gym, Bench 350, Squat 500, Mil Press 260. I am also planing on starting my first cycle some time soon and was wondering what anabolics give you the best increase in libido. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

Are you taking any fat burners? I’m 21 too and have had the same problem for quite some time. I found out that fat burners like Xenadrine (which I’ve used often, can cause a problem) I’ve had problems many times and believe it was the combination of the fat burner but also doing low carbs. I was fine until I starting Keto-dieting and also in a depression for personal reasons. Could barely get it up and went on Viagra. But started to up the carbs a bit and I’m finally coming back to normal. It’s a ridiculous problem at this age, but u dont seem to have done low carbs. How many grams have u been eating a day? Were u on a low calorie starvation type diet??? Definitely get your T-levels checked. Also, go to a urologist to get checked out and maybe get a presription for V. Yohimbe Fuel and 5g-L-Arginine works well too to get u up. How many carbs were you taking in, anyway? That’s interesting b/c many have complained of that problem with keto-dieting but not just from losing weight. Also, are you doing a lot of cardio? Too much can lower T-levels. But I’ve read a lot, it’s not all about testosterone, there’s many factors involved so u should get checked out and see what the Dr. says. I know how you fell, DEFINITELY stay away from the juice, that can cause even more problems. Maybe you’ll get up more during the cycle but afterwards your problem can get worse.

limp, first off it could be your lack of carbs in your diet that is causing the proplem. low insulin levels have caused impotence in rats (i just read this in ‘Sientific Magazine’). i’d say get your carbs alot higher than 30% and see if this helps, i think it will. also thermogenics also cause this to occur. ephedrine messes with your alpha and beta receptors and the caffine constricts vessels, so the two can affect things down there. hope this helps

I doubt it has much to do with your diet or your training. There are marathon runners, fat couch slobs, drug addicts people on keto diets, etc. who can get it up.
I’d think that it is either medical, or more likely, a lack of confidence. Do you use a lot of pornography?

You know, I thought that I was going to just have to accept the fact that now that I’m 31, I’m not going to be as horny as when I was in my 20’s. That is, until I gained some weight. For about the past year, I stove for that lean ripped look. At the height of 5’7" and 155lbs, I had the abs going on. Then I realized that I was making absolutely no progress in the gym, my libido was low, and I got tired easily. I decided to gain some weight. Two months later, I am 168, no six pack anymore, maybe a four pack, but I feel hornier than I have in years and I feel strong in the gym. I sleep great too. I have had a change of paradigm. I no longer want to look like the guys on magazine covers. The detriment to the quality of my life is just too great. My gut feeling is that you are probably too lean. I think what is too lean for one person may not be too lean for another, so I wouldn’t compare against someone else. I think each person has a natural level of bodyfat that the body is comfortable with. If you are significantly below that natural level, your body will believe it is in a famine condition and shut down any unnecessary metabolic activity–like boinking. If you’re ego can take it, I suggest you try getting a bit fatter and see what happens.

I think there could be several reasons for your problem. The typical diagnosis would for a decrease in libido would be a psycological problem. That you would have to determine for yourself. Secondly, often when males lose a lot of wait, they experiance a decrease in testosterone. (the body thinks it is a time of low food supply, so it wants to survive instead of building muscle or reproducing) Also taking the Thermogenic compounds, containing ephedrine, can’t greatly decrease your ability to obtain an erection. This is because this compound acts like norepinephrine/epinephrine, which are hormones of the sympathetic nervous system. So by stimulating the sympathetic nervous, you are inhibiting the effects of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for sexual performance
As far as your question concerning steriods, most steroids should give you a increase in libido, including taking testosterone. However,(you may not pay much attention)the increased libido noticed will be greatly reduced and maybe worse than before when you come off the cycle(also muscle gains). This is because body is used to you suppling the hormones, so your body will take awhile adjusting back and producing it again.

    I am 22 been lifting for almost a year feb 28 6 days a week rest on sundays and was 310 pounds the thermogenic I took didnt bother my "guys". As a matter of fact, I been more "ready" when I was one them, plus I think lifting gives you that caveman barbaric instincts that makes your t levels higher.
       I suggest you cycle the thermo see what happens then try picking up a gentlemans magazine ( I perfer JUGGS magazine) then see what happens. Hope I helped and KEEP LIFTING!!!

Its probably the ephedrine in the supplements that you are taking. We sometimes see the same effects with OTC cold medications that contain pseudophedrine. Hope this helps.

Guys, Thanks for the advice. I have been on an ECA stack for some time now, so I will stop taking that. I will also increase my carbs some. i’ll also talk to my doc.

Definitely avoid ephedrine. Many guys just
can’t use ephedrine and still get it up;
others aren’t bothered by it. You could
consider yohimbine: it’s useless for
most guys, but because the benefit (alpha
receptor antagonism) is the exact opposite
of the adverse effect of ephedrine (alpha
receptor agonism, or activity) you might
be more likely to benefit.

Also, increase your fat… somewhere in
the mid-30% range may give you much better
results with regards to natural T levels,
and therefore with regard to libido.

Bill wrote: “Also, increase your fat…
somewhere in the mid-30% range may give you
much better results with regards to natural T

Just to clarify, I believe what Bill meant is to increase *dietary* fat intake to 30% of calories - not increase bodyfat to 30% - since what he wrote could be understood that way.

Are you on any meds? Particullarly SSRI’s have been know to anihilate libido, but they can help during dieting sometimes. Check “T” levels, try raising your “T”. Otherwise go see a specialist. A lifestyle change took place, I am guessing, outside of the diet. I have never know somebody to be that drasically affected by a diet, in terms of libido, unless it was starvation or near it. It would also rebound from a returning to a normal diet.

I’m a little muddled. I thought the higher the percentage of fat, the higher the level of estrogen, hence consequently lower testosterone levels.

Bill meant increase in dietery fats not body fat…

Thanks for the clarification. I assume the reason why higher fat in the diet raises testosterone is because it raises cholesterol which is a “prohormone” of androstenedione and testosterone. But if testosterone and androstenedione are secreted by the testicles and adrenal glands, why is the body so reliant on cholesterol to produce these hormones via cholesterol conversion in the blood? In other words, compared to the amount of androgens we get from the testicles and adrenal glands, is the amount we get through cholesterol conversion even significant?

Jason, I think you are confusing what is commonly referred to as cholesterol and the cholesterol that is used by the body to make testosterone. I am a layman, so if I’m wrong, I’m sure the likes of Bill Roberts will correct me, but what is commonly referred to as cholesterol (HDL and LDL) is technically not cholesterol. It is a lipoprotein. The body uses EFA (essential fatty acids) from dietary fat to make cholesterol (I believe the liver does this) and that is used by the body to make testosterone. My understanding is that cholesterol cannot be made from such fats as monounsaturated fats, because they are hormonally inert, so Bill may have simplified things by saying that a higher fat intake will raise T. I think he means a higher fat intake will make it more likely that the intake of EFA’s will be high enough to facilitate T production. I have a feeling that T production is not so simple that it can be explained by one factor, though. If you are on a near starvation diet consisting of all EFA’s, then I’m sure your T will still drop. But then I may be full of shit.

Most cases of impotence is psychological. Once failure occurs for whatever reason…tired, ephedrine, girl is ugly, it can become like a batting slump. Guys try anything to get it up again in combat situations. Notice that the poster says that his libido is high, its just his performance that is lacking. If someone was to condition themselves to masturbate to pornography, never attaining erection and to do this constantly, there is a chance that they would be so accustomed to this that the real thing would be very out of the ordinary. This might cause failure. Before you jump down my throat, I’m not saying that this happens in everybody of course, just that you should condition yourself to prepare for real situations. I.e. instead of grabbing the vaseline and whacking it in front of the VCR or computer three times a day, think about the girl you are going to screw the following night.

With regard to Hyok’s point… I don’t know
that availability of cholesterol (the steroid
cholesterol, not HDL and LDL which are not
cholesterol) is an issue with regards to
testosterone production. I really doubt it.
The body produces quite a lot of cholesterol
even on a zero-fat diet.

Cholesterol, by the way, isn’t synthesized
from specifically essential fatty acids,
but from any source of acetyl-CoA.

While it might be the case that different
compositions of the fat portion of the diet
may give different results on T levels,
the information I’m aware of is simply
that fat levels of around 36% of dietary
caloric intake are optimal for T production.
Not because of any argument that there isn’t
enough fat around otherwise to make testosterone (after all, only about 0.007 grams per day of testoserone are synthesized!)
but rather as an empirical observation. The
reason could be anything ranging from, say,
changes in LH production, to changes in
rate of elimination of testosterone. So don’t
rule it out just because one theory (availability of fat being a supposedly limiting factor) not making sense.

Thanks, Bill. Now that you mention it, I do seem to remember reading somewhere that the body can make cholesterol even without fat. I think it can make cholesterol out of carbs even, if my memory serves me. Does carbohydrate contain acetyl-CoA?

Bill Roberts? I can’t seem to regain my sex drive, I eat great 1.5g of protein, some carbs at proper times, and alott of healthy fats, udo’s , fish oil, beef, etc. I don’t know what to do. I have never even done steroids.