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Gettin High on Exercise

I have often heard that exercise can make u feel a natural high after so long consistent training. Can any one tell me about how long it usually takes to feel this natural high after exercise.

Try crack, it works faster.

[quote]Bona wrote:
Try crack, it works faster.[/quote]

narcotics are cooler.

I feel dizy during squats sometimes and everything becomes quite and everything looks weird. The best is adrenalin/nerves during a competetion/or maybe max day when you feel super strong though.

I’ve heard of a “runner’s high” which is from what I understand endorphins being released into the brain or something like that. Maybe you should try getting high and then working out, then you could get “double” the high.

Doesnt working out produce endorphin which is the bodies own little high? So it kinda makes sense? I alwats leave the gym a lot happier than when i came in :slight_smile:

I’ve had it from running, from basketball, from weights and sometimes I even get it from walking actually… the most pronounced I get it is during and after running though.

It took me about a year to be able to run at the intensity I needed to get an endorphin rush and then a little while after that I learned to start being able to induce them and extend their effects. That’s when I was running a half marathon each weekend :slight_smile:

I ran a 10k two weekends ago and I sprinted the last 2k’s … I felt high for a good 40mins afterwards and just felt super happy on teh drive home. Like a low dose of somethng exotic :slight_smile:

SO I’m not sure how long it takes, but what I do know is you need to train with intensity. That’s why I tend to mainly get it when in an event/competition. I’m not sure if you could get the same effect with anaerobic training… but definitely get it form cardio.


of course you will need some good pain tolerance to get there