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Gettin Buffed

Hello T-folk. About 2 weeks ago I started Ian’s 12 weeks to Super Strength program, I was a bit confused as what to do with my Legs, and then i read that the Limping series goes w /it. Perfect.Coupla questions. is it better to do this as a four day a week program(mon Upper A, tues Lower A wed off thurs upper b, fri-lower B) or as a three day a week alternating the leg workouts. Next what are your experiences with these programs? I am hoping to get a much larger upper body since my lower body is alot farther ahead than my upper(in strength by far, and by size). I am combining this with massive eating so…lets hope things go good. Oh well , back to the fridge

Hey Mike M - you’ve just started exactly the program(S) I’m putting together to begin in about a weeks time! As for the frequency, I’m planning to just do the next workout in the sequence whenever I think my body can handle it. If I stick to a strict plan for, say, 4 workouts per week, I’ll most likely push myself too hard and bust something. I’d say just listen to you body for when to train again.

Haven’t done this program before, but just got about 5 weeks into the 12 week arms program. Although it was cut short (as I’m starting to get some tendonitis in my elbows), I still packed quite a bit of size onto my arms! I think it was just the fact that all this ‘new’ work scared them into growing…! And I assume that the same thing will happen with the programs we’re launching into. Cheers.

I started the “get buffed” program from Ian King’s book six weeks ago. It’s basically the same program you are on. You could do a three day a week rolling program but King suggests a four day a week A, B, C, D (MON, TUE, THURS, FRI) program. I’ve been doing the 4Xwk program an really notice the increases in strength and size. The first phase takes up more time per workout due to the unilateral exercises (you do your weak side then strong side) and shear number of exercises. The workouts get more managable in phase 2-4. Good luck.

Thanks for the replies guys…any one else out there have some info for me…Mike

there is no possible way i could squat and deadlift within seven days of each other. When i deadlift im sore from the top of my neck to the bottom of my knees for the next five days. I have to alternate them. Just try it and see what happens.