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Gettin' Big Time


So the thread title isn't completely accurate, at the moment i'm focused on fat loss but will be bulking all being well in the not too distant future.

Quick history: Picked up my first weight at 15, enjoyed it but was a bit of a porker so was always trying to lose weight, so never ate or lifted to get massive. I then started running with a view to cutting the pounds and this worked but lost all my strength. Injuries from running and sports, ridiculous working patterns and other things have gotten in the way and so I find myself here now.

Age: 20
Height: 6'
Weight: 111kg (estimated body fat 22%)

Deadlift: 165kg 1RM
Squat: 130kg for 5 deep reps
Bench Press: 70kg for 3 reps
Military Press: 60kg 1RM

Goals: Scale weight really doesn't matter to me, I intend to use the mirror as a guide but cutting to 100kg is my goal at the minute. As far as lifts are concerned, by August, I will have completed

Deadlift 180kg
Squatted 150kg
Military Pressed 70kg
Bench Press 90kg.

All 1RM. Very small weights but start small and grow big is the plan. At the end of August I will reassess my goals.