Gettin' Back Into It, New Program

I stopped lifting about 3 months ago. I’ve finally realized school comes first, committed myself all to school and slowly got away from the gym. Then i bought a dirt bike and stopped goin to the gym completely. Now its too cold to ride so i’m gettin back into liftin and soccer season is right around the corner so i need to get into shape for that. It would also be nice to be in better shape for riding when it gets a bit warmer out.

I haven’t really been doing anything in particular lately, i normally just pair up the muscles together and then lift. I don’t have a certain number of sets or reps, i just go heavy and push out 20 reps or more. I just made this routine up and need some advice on it and where it lags and where its good and what needs to be changed, just the usual.

I do work and go to school at the same time along with lifting. I don’t have any certain days to lift on as my work schedule changes regularly and some days i have a lot of homework and some days none. I make sure i lift 3 days a week at a minimum. If i go on extra days they normally consist of lots of stretching, cardio and endurance exercises to help prepare for soccer.

Before i forget, my diet. As of right now it sucks. We’ve been having money issues lately so its hard to get what i need. I still eat healthy for the most part. If i really need calories i eat some hamburger or chicken from work. Its from applebees. I try my best though, plus i’m on adderal which kills any appetite i have so i force food down even when i’m not hungry.

Any advice is appreciated, good or bad. Either way i know what to improve on and what i did good.

Thanks in advance.

Incline db press 4x5-8
Decline dp press 4x5-8
Cable crossovers 3x3
Bent rows 5x5
Seated rows 3x3
Cable overhead tricep extensions 4x5-10
Skull crushers 4x5
Db tricep extensions 3x3

Db press 4x5-8
Upright rows 5x5
Front db raise 4x8
Overhead shrugs 8x8
Curls 3x4
Incline hammer curls 3x3
Cable curls 3x3
Seated calf raise 8x10
BB standing calf raise 5x5

Squats (till done)
Dead lift 4x3
Leg extensions 4x5
Leg curls 4x5
Lunges 5x8
Weighted incline crunch
Side bend
Hanging leg raise
Weight incline twist

I’m probably not going to be the only one to tell you that designing your own programs while still a beginner is a bad idea. There are tons of programs here that are proven successful. Why mess around trying to design your own? Curls and extensions for 3x3??? You need more experience, then you can consider any program as a template that you can modify to suit you better.

If your schedule is strained it’s best to stick with full body workouts focused on big compound lifts. Thats gets you in and out of the gym faster and makes it easy to reschedule a day if needed. Chad Waterbury’s TBT would be my suggestion.

As far as food goes, you will need your protein. A bottle of Grow! whey is pretty cheap and it can be used as a workout drink by simply adding some sugar and creatine. Look for big family packs of meat at the grocer and cook it all on the weekend and then portion it into containers for the weeks meals. Cook up a big pot of brown rice, stir fry some mixed vegetables and you have healthy lunches at a low cost.

Read all the stickys at the top of this forum. The links there will give you the foundation you need to make the best of “newbie gains”. Don’t waste time trying to re-invent the wheel. It’s been done for you here. Use the knowledge of others that have already done it.

Good luck and stay focused!