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Gettin (Back) In The Groove...

So, it’s been a while since I’ve lifted seriously(6 months-will be about 8 by the time I hit the gym again), and a bit less(2 months) since I’ve lifted at all. I’m wondering how you guys recommend getting back into the whole gym thing.

I saw some really great gains just before I took time off for injury and life, but now that I’m looking at getting back into the gym and hitting the weights hard, I want to make sure I get back to where I was fairly quickly, but without reinjuring myself. Any suggestions?

I heard that elite level powerlifters sometimes take 3 months or so off straight before starting with a new program, but I’ve been out longer and am DEFINITELY not elite. So, how would you guys go about this?

follow an organized program, start out pretty slow, keep learning…


Walk into gym.

Lift weights (CW’s Big Boy Basics is a great place to start)

Leave gym.

Go eat.