Gettin' Back in the Game

I used to lift in the past but I stopped and I just started to drink beers and eat without exercise, basically getting weight.

last year I went down from 255 Lbs. to 167 Lbs. just dieting and again I gained 20 more pounds and two weeks ago I stated doing cardio and lifting but I really don’t know how to do my routine and I just do it this way:

Chest and Triceps the same day
Back and Biceps the same day
Shoulders and Abs the same day
And legs I take one day just for this

My question is:
Is this a good routine or if somebody knows a better one please help me

by the way I eat very healthy, I take some supplements

thanks in avance for your help

Do your self a favor check out the beginner thread pinned in this forum and read it pick a solid program from it and just get er done build a base of strenght, knowledge and commitment

Come back with any ?'s


late at night…few beers in me …I’ll give it a shot.

your “routine” sucks . you probably dont participate in any regular activity outside of work .thats why you’re packin’ an extra 90.

you say you “eat healthy”…bullshit again . eating healthy doesnt result in needing to lose 90 pounds .

your lifestyle is the problem . fix the problem and the excess weight goes away . simple as that .

yes , this is harsh

life is harsh

I just told you that now, now I’m eating healthy and if my routine is suck that I’m here to get help