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Gettin Back 'In Shape'


So I use to be a gym rat for the good part of three years and was in amazing shape. I was strong and had good strength however for the last 2 years beer and whiskey helped me ruin that and go from a steller 225 muscle type to a 260 pound fat ass. So I have decided to change that, I have been running alot the last 2 months and eating somewhat like i use to.

I knew i could not just jump right back in to the the harsh diets or eating right, but now the time has come where i am ready to take the next step. I am down to 245 look alot better still a tubbo in my book, but i started the weight training back up. This week was my first week back and god do i feel like a pussy. I am on a 3 day traing split for one more week then i am bumping up to 4 days a week with running on my off days.

The question i have is I am going to start supplementing in 4 weeks and i need some help on my stack, i.e. what to add what to do with out. Here goes:

Animal PAck AM
Controlled Labs Blue Up AM
Nutrabolics ISOgainer AM
Nutrabolics ISOgainer Pre WO 1scoop
Controlled Labs Green Magnatude Pre WO
Controlled Labs Purple Wrath Intra WO
Nutrabolics ISOgainer POST WO
Nutrabolics ISObolic before bed

I know its not perfect but the controlled labs got me on point last time i was lifting so i am going with the again.
My work out will be a push/pull 4 day split.
Day 1 back and chest
Day 2 Legs
Day 3 bis and tris
day 4 shoulders traps and calves
everyday i got an ab group at the end of my workout, and my off days i run.

As for my diet i only have a small question, For my carbs I am eating whole grain rice (small portions at a time but still around lunch and pre workout) I also eat a small broiled potatoe at night. Are these bad? Should i sub with something else?


GOOD GOD how many supplements are you going to cram down your throat. Drop all of those now other than the protein. Why are you taking a "gainer" isn't your goal to lean out more. "Gainers" are riddled with sh!t ingredients. You need to dial in you nutrtion more if your going to rely on "Gainers".

I can relate to you though about a year ago I was trying all these controlled labs BS products and animal pak. Wasn't till I read more on this site that it opened my eyes to what really works. My suggestions drop all that crap and buy:
A different Multi (animal pak is over priced)
Regular Creatine Monohydrate
Whey protein
Casein protein
Fish Oil
And BCAA if you can afford, I am assuming you can b/c your buying a ton of products as is.
Possibly ZMA

Your carbs seem fine how much protein are you ingesting?


Eating a potato before you go to bed is a bad idea (IMO) to loose weight.

Starches are best eaten earlier on in the day.

I get up at 5am and around 7:30 I have a sweet potato. Just to give you an idea...


Well with the I am not tryin to lose weight kinda... just the fat.. I take the gainer because its not that high in fat just cals. Due to the Fact I have to run all the damn time cause the army thinks its cool. Will do I Hate animal pack and only bought it because it was by one get one and there was no now adam. Why the Controlled labs shit is because that stuff works for me I was on it for a year or so and got great results.. But thanks for the advice i will drop the starch post workout but are the carbs essential PW?


sorry pic above was results from same stack and plan just a different diet but i will take ur advice with the supps MU.. the CL stuff isnt to over priced though i dont think


It isn't over priced but heres what I found out. I started taking there stuff when I was on a serious break from working out (I had Tommy John on my right elbow). Little did I know it was the muscle memory kicking in which will happen to you as well. So my strength and size went through the roof the first 3 months and I was like "wow this CL stuff is great". But in reality it was muscle memory, which I read about later on here.

After that 3 months I kept with the CL and nothing doing until i started eating more and paying closer attention to my diet. You can do as you wish, just suggestions.

BTW if that is you, now in the pic you are pretty darn lean and should't be worrying about losing fat but filling out your frame some more i.e. putting on more muscle mass. You really should be eating starch's and carbs the first half of the day and pwo if your truly concerned about your weight, which I dont't think you should be (confused by when the picture was taken).


yea sorry I should have been more specific I am on my diet to get lean like that again so i am taking the same supplements and almost the same diet. I am intake less fat is the differance in diet in food. I was 225lbs in the pic and now i am at 245lbs. Not a complete fat ass but it is hiding the muscles. I do love the help you have provided.

As i see it i will never know all i need to know about diets and weights so i do like hearing what other people think and what not. I greatly appriciate it and i find tnation to be way more helpful than bb.com


Fat is good for you, your body needs it to function. Also, there are smarter alternatives to a gainer to recover from running.