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Gettin a Streetbike


This goes out to all the riders here, I'm looking to buy a new bike and am leaning towards either a CBR 1000 or a GSXR 1000. If anyone could tell me what they like about each bike and what way I should go, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


Have you ever ridden a sport bike before? If yes I vote GIXXER! The CBR's are nice bikes too, you can't go wrong with either. I haven't ridden the new versions of either but of the 2003 GSXR and 2004 CBR I rode I liked the ride and bar position of the GSXR, seemed to fit me better.


I've ridden motorcross since I was 8 years old and I've ridden my friends' bikes that were all GSXR 750s, but I havnt had the chance to ride a honda....


Good deal, you should be fine then. Go see if you can find a Honda to ride and make your decision, IMO you really can't go wrong they're both excellent bikes. I know guys who own both and are 100% loyal to their type of bike, kind of a Ford v. Chevy thing. I had a GSXR 600 for awhile and loved it, rode a GSXR 1000 that a buddy has and it scared the piss out of me, I know I'd kill myself on it, CBR 954RR the same way.


Thanks for the input man, I know what you mean with the "loyalty to the brand" thing.


Good luck, you'll have to post pics once you get it. Somewhere around here is a thread with pics of members with their bikes.


You're not going to be able to ride either to its full potential, so see which one fits you best. If that fails...pick the one you think looks better.


Oh dear lord, I thought you were a newbie who hasn't had any experience and thought he could handle a liter bike.


Both bikes are great but you can get more after market parts for a GSXR. You might also want to look at a KTM RC8.


I have friends that ride both, they are both fast as hell, reliable, and awesome... honestly, the best thing you can do is go sit on / ride both and see which ones feels the best... Personally I think the Gixxer is way more comfortable then the CBR.... but I have friends who think im crazy....


i ride an zuki SV. vtwin. much more useable power. if your set on getting a liter bike just to have a liter bike then go gixxer. im biased and say go smaller for more overall fun.


Don't worry. We're not friends and I think you're crazy too.


thanks !!

in reality since the quality is about the same, its all about what feels right to you... plus, gixxers looks nicer IMHO :stuck_out_tongue:


To be serious, I liked how my old Yamaha felt better than my Honda....but I have gotten used to it now so I have no complaints. I just remember sitting on the yamaha the first time and feeling like it was made just for the shape my legs. I could also ride longer on it (we went for a whole day once and I had no back ache) but more than an hour on the Honda and I would have to pull over for a rest.

BUT, the Honda gets up faster which is why I call it a jet.


You are kidding when you state it has more useable power. Right? Does that mean you are pulling your date in a trailer. Everyone knows that 4 cyclinder engines have more power and no lag in that power. Ducati which only makes twins for the public could not win the MotoGP with their twins so they built a 4 so they can compete. At least you picked a suzuki over those crap harleys. Harleys look and sound cool but have no power and zero reliability.

I vote the gixxer because as you will see the price will be a little better. Honda is very proud of their equipment and you have to pay through the nose. If you are going used then the price thing is up to the seller.


I ride a 1978 Suzuki GS1000.
Awesome old school vintage muscle. Set up for sport touring.

The bike now has bar end mirrors, a yosh pipe, pod filters and a DJ stage 3 kit.

So, being a Suzuki guy, I recommend the GSXR.


no im not kidding. i would take a liter vtwin sv1000 over a gix 1000 anyday.besides ducs or zuki vtwins sound way better than 4's. personal preference. 9 times out of 10 a liter bike is too much for the streets. honestly, where can you use all the top end of liter bike but the interstate. its all in the rider but to each his own.


I have a GSXR-1000 and it is amazing. Their is so many after market parts it's ridiculous. I have the 07 yellow

To me a Suzuki just sits better for speed, you aren't up so high catching all the air


i have the new suzuki gladius

sitting in my garage 4 hours from school

:frowning: :frowning:


Go gsxr 750. perfect for tricks and tons of speed to spare.

Dont get a cruiser. If you want to ride a cruiser you might as well go sit on your couch and watch tv.

If you really want to RIDE a bike and take controll and not just sit....sport bike all the way..