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Geting Back From 8.5 Years Off

hello T-Nationville,

first, I have been a lurker on and off for sometime but never registered 'till today. just want to give praise to a great site. I have read many articles and want to read many more. my main reason for registering, is to get good sound advise.

the subject line says it all. 8.5 years ago I was in the best shape of my life but still a heavy 290 lbs. my 1 rep max on bench was 435 and the leg press I was repping with 1200 lbs. (coaching staff had me off squats) my power cleans were a modest 300. first I miss that power. however those were different days of training for a sport(football).

since than, real life took over…job, house, life in general. within 2 years of a sedentary life, I had jumped in weight to an unhealthy 421 lbs. well that was the time I started dieting. with diet alone I was able to get to a respectable 321.

than, I took a break, feel off the diet wagon and hit an all time high of 440 lbs. in 2004. since then I promised myself that I would take my health seriously. to date, I have reduced my weight to 278. yes I have lost 162 lbs. but am nowhere near the physical appearance that I would like to look like.

I know of only one way to work out and that is mass and power. being a working man, there is no future for me to gain the mass and power because I will not be entering the next level to play football. I have started to lift again. I try to do 6 days a week with different body parts. the most I will be in the gym for about 1 hour.

I do alot of supersets or triple sets if I start running out of time. I have also been doing abs everyday and have tried to get to the track for 2 miles about 4-5 days per week. many days it is just a walk for 2 miles do to the caloric deficit I have been doing with my diet. I am at about 1000-1200 calories per day. I am 6’-5" and 278 and am looking for a goal weight of a ripped 220lbs by years end and hope to finally see a six pack. there is so much information on this site, I figured someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction. all advice will be greatly appreciated.

(side note, when I asked my doctor if I will ever be able to get the fat tightened around my midsection he had told me that I would need lipo for that. is this true or can I do it with diligence, commitment, and heart?)

sorry for the long first post.

thanks in advance


Good work losing 162. I’d seriously look at the Anabolic Diet. I will help you gain muscle and keep the fat off. I also works good for cutting without losing lots of muscle. There is a giant thread called “My Experience on the Anabolic diet” in the supplements and nutrition forums.

Way to go man, nice job on the weight loss.

Great job at the weight loss. But why drop down to 220lbs? At 6’5, that’s a pretty low weight. I know people who are 6’ at 220lbs and look great. To me, 220lbs seems like a low weight for somebody who is 6’5.