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Get your NEW trailers

Go here and enjoy: www.apple.com/trailers/fox/daredevil/ (space at “/” and “trailers”).

I have to admit, this looks good!

Wow! You ROCK! If you rocked any more, uh, we’d have to grind you up and sell you as gravel.

…no, that doesn’t sound right. If you rocked any more, we’d polish you into a statue. Yeah, that’s better.

I’m pretty happy to see bullseye, he’d be the obvious choice. I wonder if they’ll reference the other Marvel movies? That’d be cool.

Electra. Le sigh (though you might not relate). I HOPE they’re hostile to each other. Actually, I hope there is gads of tension between DD and Electra.

And Stick! I’m thinking that they better not screw him up.

Thanks a bunch.

Yep, that was COOL!

(But there’s no space in the link… :slight_smile: )

Wow, El, glad you enjoyed! But it is a really, really good trailer! And while I won’t relate to lust directed to Ms. Garner - I do think she’s just so KEWL and the perfect choice for Elektra!

Char: ooops, my bad. At least I didn't screw up the forum! *sigh of relief*

Hey, you folks know of them BMW short films, right? Well, I tell ya, I’ve just seen the BEST one, directed by Joe Carnahan and featuring the usual (and hopefully NEXT James Bond), Clive Owen. Plus, Don Cheadle (whom I just love - such a good actor) and F. Murray Abraham. Go here: www.bmwfilms.com/ clap.asp?template=international&country=&film= (space at “/” and “clap.”). Pick your region and go from there. Pretty kewl!

And speaking of Bond: Bond 21: Pierce Brosnan finally confirmed to Variety that "The invitation has been accepted" for him to do a fifth film as the one and only 007.

The Fantastic Four: YUP! This is going to be a movie! Doug Petrie's dream casting for the team are: Paul Walker, Charlize Theron, John C. Reilly and Alexis Denisof with Jude Law as Dr. Doom. ***I love the idea of Alexis Denisof as team leader. He's been so good on Angel (as Wes) this season (as well as last and before that, too). Petrie also stated that he's thinking of a Beatles' "A Hard Days Night" - that the FF are the world's coolest superheros, yet behind closed doors argue over who has the coolest outfit, order pizza, etc. **I don't know about this one. Here's hoping Daredevil, X2, The Hulk and Spider-Man 2 all kick some major ass! Oh, and also Ironman since that's been green lighted by New Line Cinema.

Jurassic Park IV. YES *rolling eyes*, there is gonna be a IV. Sam Neill will be back, but no director set.

Any of you know that there has been plans on a John Dillinger biopic? The title is, "Childhood's End". It sounds promising, but no director is attached.

LoTR:The Two Towers: HEY! Get your Treebeard HERE. The first shot of Treebeard can be seen at this link: www.elbakin.com/film/ photos/imgnews/sylvebarbenews.jpg (space at "/" and "photos").

Whoo. Feeling better today, feel like I've licked this flu. Lots of movie news to catch up with and will post more later! Patricia :-)