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get your bench on

Has anyone ever had a friend (or nemesis) challenge you to a benchpress dual in short order? What are some of your secrets to quickly (though temporarily) increase your bench (or other lifts)?

Some quick ideas:
Load creatine (couple days out)
Ephedra 30min before benching
Guzzle coffee and green tea before benching (plus grapefruit juice?)
Bench shirt (worn under sweat shirt (ha ha (ya right!))
Bridge like hell! (stick that chest out to shorten the distance to the bar)
Use a wider grip (maybe)
Spend time working on a ?j? shaped bench groove
Contract the posterior chain hard, just prior to benching
Do a slightly heavier negative just before your 1RM bench
Smelling salts
Smack yourself on the cheek (O-lifters do it.)

I would avoid the J groove.